Saturday, December 24, 2011

Not in the Spirit This Year

Hiya peeps. I am not in the x-mas spirit this year. I am not sure if its because of everything going on or just because. but I did not put up a tree or my home decorations. We got the girls some gifts but no tree to put them under this year.  I just havent been feeling it this year like the x-mas spirit is here this year.

I want to do some really neat stuff with the house next year but this year it just isnt in the heart of things.  Blame who ever and what ever but I just aint into it. the girls didnt get much and I have no camera to show you all photo's of them. 

Girls are outside making a fort right now. We finally go some snow. We got some snow a few days ago but go more last night. It was nasty. We werent suppose to get what we got.  The girls were looking forward to going out to his moms house but the new car we bought wont make it that far and back.  its a good in town car but it wont handle the highway.  oh well it happens..

I did something cool for Brianca for x-mas. We had a photo of all five of us taken back in August and I signed up for Walmarts photo  thing on line and I had them scan that photo onto a blanket for her, for x-mas. Its so cool and I am having a hard time not just letting her have it before tomorrow. 

I love x-mas the lights and the trees but this year with everything going on and such I just havent been in the mood.  I will snap out of it next year. I want to go and get a tree when they go on sale this week.. Walmart had some really pretty white ones. I want a white one with pretty colored lights next year.  I think it puts off more of the ornaments you use than a green one.  Its a personal opinion.

I have some beautiful ornaments and I want to put them on a white tree next year. I want to make some more for a tree next year too. I have a whole year to do that now.  But with school also its hard to have any me time. I should be doign home work now but need a break for an hour or so.  I am still not done with our blanket i am making for our bed.  lol.

That is our new bed too with the night stands.  Sorry about the mess. I was in the process of cleaning that day. but that is as far as the blanket is.  OK peeps I have to go get some housework done. I will try and make rounds later on..

Merry x-mas everyone. Hope  you have a safe day tomorrow and a happy New Year if I dont make another post before than..

Friday, December 16, 2011


Hi peeps.. To answer your questions.. Yes I was in a car accident.  I have photos but they are on my phone and I dont have the cord i need to transport them.  I wasnt hurt thankfully. But the car is totalled.  We had  to get another car. With school and work we needed a car.  Wish I could get those photos up here..

Some lady stalled out on the highway and I was trying to get into my lane and there she was..  I tried to stop  but couldnt.  Then the lady behind me said all she saw was my brake lights.  It was scary.  But we are ok.

This post was started a few days ago. i am fed up with work.. i want to quit but there is nothing out there right now and I dont have time after work to look. I may call around on Monday and see what is out there.  I am fed up with everything I do is being wrong.. I have passed my work approvement plan but now she is just being a snag again.. I dont know how to please her. 

Today all I had was a t-shirt with some very tiny holes in it and my sweatpants..Well when we left today she kept me behind to tell me not to wear my sweats or my holy shirt any more..  Welll GOSH DAMN IT!!! I am trying.. What else does she want me to do. I have done everything else she wants me to do and once in weeks I wear sweats and a holy shirt..  Fuck this place. I can do better but need time.  I need full time work but I am sick and tired of being up her ass lately.

We have been dealing with Fleas lately because the girls decided to play with a stray cat outside over halloween. We just figured out where they came from. Its horrifying.  My poor furry child.  She has been itching since then because of my girls..  I WANT TO SCREAM AND CRY.. I am so sick of everything right now.  I was going to upload some pix for you about my new bedroom set but i cant get them to upload. Blogger is being a bitch now.  I have to go get Jeff. I will be back later on if I have time. I have to do some home work tonight too  yet. We have class tomorrow morning..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Other Night

Hi peeps. I was going to bed Thursday night and I gave everyone hugs and kisses like I normally do and put the girls to bed and layed down myself.  I have been sleeping with teddy bears lately to keep me company utnil Jeff comes to bed. Then they get put on the floor when he comes to bed..

But Thursday night I went to bed and I shut the door most of the way and Snowie came in to sleep with me until Jeff came to bed.  But I layed on my side facing his side of the bed and felt Snowie come into the bed room and up on the bed. She snuggled and got comfortable. Then I closed my eyes and all I saw was me hitting the first car. I opened my eyes readjusted Snowie and I and I closed my eyes again and it felt like someone hit me from behind and I was on the bed. I actually left the bed about 2 inches.. 

We have some bad news but Jeff thinks we can still fix it. According to Gandrud the place we bought the Sebring from says its totalled but Jeff thinks he can find someone to fix it for us..  I am not so sure this time because of me. 

He bought us another car last night..  Its a 2004 Pontiac Sunfire. Its a two door but we dont need anything bigger really right now. Just enough to get me to work and us to school..  I will take Tys camera and take photo's later.. I still havent found the ones i wanted for here earlier last week.. maybe I will go look before posting this one.. Its my new bedroom set and our afghan that isnt going to get finished for a while now that I hurt my dang finger.. lol..

I tried something interesting with the girls just now. I made a package of hotdogs, had a half can of chili in the fridge and macaroni.. Mixed them with cheddar cheese. YUMMY. Wish we would have had more chili though.. but its good. I drained the macaroni about half way to spread out the chili.  I get funny cravings once in a while and then test them on the kids.. lol.

Ok peeps. I am going to go eat something for  late lunch with hubby and then we have a few places to go today. I will be around tomorrow or later today..Nicole..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things you will never believe

Hi my friends.  I have quite the story for you..  Work is going better. sorry its taking me so long to update. i have passed my work improvement plan..  She knew i would but had to put me on it.. So things are good there..

I got in a car accident  yesterday.  I am fine. I am here at home typing. I took today off from work to relax. I was coming home and got on the highway like i normally. Went to move over to the lane I needed and there was a truck sitting there.  I didnt see her at first.. I tried to stop but couldnt stop fast enough..

The lady behind me saw only my brake lights come on and couldnt stop fast enough either.  And she rear ended me and pushed me further up the car i had already hit.  I have photo's but they are on my phone and I havent figured out how to get them to the puter yet..

I am very emotional right now.. I am just taking today to relax and try to recuperate from the accident.  I feel very tired. I went to bed about 10 last night and slept till about 9:30 this morning.. But I am feeling very tireds again.  I dont want to sleep to much or i wont sleep tonight when its time to go back to bed.

On a better note  Jeff and I have some good news.. NO I AM NOT PREGGO!!!!! We are going back to school. We start on Monday Dec. 5th.  I am going for Networking (IT) and Jeff is going for Electrical Technologies.  We will graduate in one year and nine months.. I am sick of living from payday to payday. I have been told being a woman in the IT world is very rare and I can make lots of money being a woman in the IT department.  So that is whats going on here..  Just trying to stay alive and above water like usual..

The girls are good and growing way to fast. i wish I had my camera. I want a new one for x-mas. Maybe Santa will be really nice this year and get me one.  I have been using Ty's but its not like having my own.  Anyway I need to get going. I will talk to you all later.. Talk soon. Nicole..

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lost in Life

Hi peeps.. I am lost right now.  I mean I am here I know when I am but my life is lost in general..  Lets start at the beginning. I got this great new job I really enjoyed back in July. Lets not get off the beaten path. I still enjoy it..  But I bragged about it and told you all what I do.  Well my 30 day review came and went and i didnt do as good as she wanted me to. So she gave me till my 90 day review came. This did a bit better but not as good as she wanted either..  So she put me on whats called a work improvement plan..  Just things I have to work on to keep my job. They keep you employed by points.. yes you read that right. POINTS..  They give you ten POINTS per year.  I was suppose to have gotten a 27 Points on my review which equals out to 77% in there weird ass ways..

Well I didnt get that with my 90 day review. I got a 25 points and a 68%.   yes I see that as being sick. But that is how this company works.. I also supposedly rolled my eyes at D a month ago.. She said that was insubodination.. And then a girl i work with were talking and D reprimanded this girl. I got yelled at because D thought I was laughing at this girl.. NO I WAS NOT!!! I was laughing at something she had said but D walked past at this precise moment.. 

There have been other times I have been yelled at and just wanted to walk off the job but wont because I need the money right now. The job itself isnt hard but you have to focus on the dispenser and make sure you hear and see everything..It seems lately I cant do a damned thing right..  I cried on my way home today. I blasted the cd that was in and I cried.

Its Friday November 11th,2011 and I could be jobless on Monday.  I asked her where I was going and what she was going to do with me. she said she had to hear back from the HR before she decided so I have to go in on Monday and see if she is letting me go.  I cant believe this. I wanted to know today what the hell was going on with my job.  I dont want to wonder and have to get up Monday morning and find out I have no job.. 

I do have a back up plan and hope they have work some where for me.  I dont care if its out of town right now. I need the money. I am going to go back to the Temp service I was working for back in June.  They have always had something for me.  I was appreciated through them.. But this job at WPI is insane.

I am so flustered today..  I dont know how to tell Jeff. I might just wait till Monday and find out whats going on. She might have more work on Monday for us but I dont know yet. She was suppose to get another soap dispenser in and some more what we call P17's for the time being. They dont have a name yet. they are still in the making faze. they arent production yet.  they want them in production soon  but still some bugs to work out.

We are suppose to be getting some more utensils in too but havent heard a word about those yet.. But if I lose this job I am so lost in life.  I found the job from a friend and then i get hired on directly and then they pull this shit on me.  I just dont get it. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Been MIA.. Sorry my friends..

Hi there. I have been MIA (missing in Action) or more on here.. I have been busy trying to get an order done for a friend of mine. All of you know him.. Zombislayer.. His wife ordered six fall colored placemats and four hotpads and six more bookmarkers from me.. 

Also my mother in law kind of showed me how to make crocheted octopusses.  She just told me how to make them and I did them on my own but they turned out really cute.. I am using Ty's camera for listing my items in my shop.. I havent taken any photo's of the girls as of  yet..

I got my furry baby sick..  She is itchy in the neck so I called the vet and the receptionist told me to give her some benadryl but didnt tell me to use childrens  benadryl.  she just said human benadryl.. So I went and got some and gave her half a tablet and she got really sick. So I called the vet back that night on Thursday and left a message.. 

Well they called back but the only problem with that is, is that brianna answered the phone.. She was making appts for the cat..  So I had to do animal control when mom got home from work on Friday..  Yikes.. But they straightened everythign out and we have her on childrens benadryl for three days..  She still foams at the mouth because she gags on it.. I have considered watering it down once and see what happens to her. But the vet thinks she has come down with an allergy.  I dont want to bring her in quite yet so I am trying home remedies first.  With her gagging she isnt getting sick she just gags on it at first..

Here is what I have been up to the last few weeks..  If any of you would like your own little item let me know via e-mail. I do ship internationally.. I will hopefully have my other items up and running in a bit. I have four more bookmarkers to make. They go for eight dollars a piece and are great because they are washable. If you spill something on them you can just pop them in the washer and dryer instead of throwing them out like most bookmarkers.. The octopusses are all crocheted including there eyes if you want one for a new baby coming along.. I can make them either pinks and blues or one of each color.. Or just your choice of colors.. My holiday place mats are the red, white and green. I am working on getting a set of four in an oval shape.. For me a little harder said than done.. but working on it. 

Ok peeps this is it for now. enjoy and I will try and make rounds later on..  Nicole.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life in the R household

Oh where Oh were to begin.. The drama here you peeps really dont want to hear again. I have been avoiding that topic so there has been no real good posts. I still dont have an adapter for my phone to get my photo's off my phone.. I wish I could upload them from my phone but I dont have a nice phone like that yet..  Anyway.  I am here.. I am ok.. My job is on the fritz and I havent been talking much about that either..  I havent been talking about much lately..

I am getting a new phone tomorrow again with a new plan.  I was given 90 days with the last phone I bought to get in there and work with them to get either Boost or Virgin Mobile.. I am looking at going with boost.. but the owner said if I come back in within 90 days he will completely refund my last phone for me and put that towards a new phone.. so i am looking at gettting a new phone plan tomorrow. Hopefully it will be similar to what I already have.. 

things here have changed since my last bitch session and they are going to change again maybe. I was told yesterday by the supervisor that I did not meet my 90 day review as well as she wanted and she is giving me 30 more days to work on two things and if I dont improve I am being let go from the company.  I am slightly depressed because I go in and I work my ass off for this woman. I am there early every morning, I do the job, I quit talking to everyone. I dont talk unless someone asks me a question lately..  I was told I rolled my eyes at the supervisor two weeks ago. I dont remember doing it. I could have  but didnt mean to do it.  and then just the other day I was told I was laughing or giggling at another employee when she got reprimanded for doing something I have made mistakes doing. But that is where I know I wasnt laughing or giggling at the supervisor. the girl I was working with said something and at that precious moment the supervisor walked over.  So I got yelled at for that.. I was told that when I rolled my eyes at the supervisor she could have let me go at that moment. 

I sometimes feel that they dont want me doing the job I have and if they dont why did they just hire me directly?? I dont get it.  but oh well its over and done with now.

The girls are doing ok.. Kora is still struggling with math and brianna is still struggling with counting money. I have tried to explain it but she wont listen to me..  I want to cry. I did a big no no about a week ago. Briannas ears got infected again where her earring were.. Well Ty told me to take her earrings out for two days.. Well I did.. I went to put the earrings back in and guess what mommy did.. I pushed an earring through a half closed hole. I pushed the earring through thinking it was the skin on the back of her ear. If any of you know what I am talking about you know how much that little skin pops and hurts but this hurt her really bad.. I felt so sorry. She was constantly getting infected with her ears.

Ok peeps I could probably ramble for longer but I have to go get my hubby. I will be back around soon hopefully.. Talk later. Nicole.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Broken Hearted....

Hi all.. I am broken hearted in many ways right now.. I  can take photo's but have no way of getting them onto the computer. I can take them with my phone but dont have the adapter to get them onto the computer and to use just the memory card I need to upload some software.. No thank you..Or wait for Briancas BF to bring me his old adapter for his old samsung... I am so sick of waiting..

I found out that there is no way to get my camera clean unless you take it apart and the place that can do it doesnt touch Kodak cameras.. 

I threw a fit last night..  Does anyone remember me telling you all I had a plan with this many people living in my house and we all had chores... Well guess what none of those chores have been met except for right before Briancas BF comes to visit.. i work outside the house and come home and have to clean too.. I dont ever come home to a clean kitchen or a clean livingroom.. I know my livingroom is cluttered because of my crocheting but still..

I am one fustrated person right now.. I want to scream and yell and just send everyone away.  then everytime Ty and Brianca have time together they leave.. I just came in at 3:30 and they were walking out the door like they had it planned that they didnt want to be  here with me.. I dont care if they dont want to be here..  What ever.. I give up. I am broked hearted though. 

I cant think of the name of it but Brianca is one of those people who cant live with out sex!!! and she is sleeping with Ty and her BF from appleton..  He came up this last weekend with his 18 month old daughter.  It was ok.. I didnt have to do anything. I sat on my butt for three days..  He bought Pizza Friday night and then Saturday he bought some of those crockpot meals you buy out of the meat department..  but when he left I had a kitchen to clean.

I dont care what a person does.. But my girls are asking way to many questions.. They want to know why they are spending so much time together and then trying to explain to them its none of there business.. But its there house too.. Anyway I am trying to stay out of it..

Briancas BFs little girl is so far behind.. She sat in her walker all weekend and watched movies.. She is walking and she is only doing the army crawl..  She can sit up on her own and then he lets her snack all day long.. And wonders why she wont eat dinner when its time.. DAHHHHHH !!!!!

Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you all my great news.... I have been meaning to tell you all for about two weeks now.. You all know this job I have. Well i was working as a perm temp employee.. Well two weeks ago tomorrow I got a letter in the mail telling me they hired me permanantly.. I lose a dollar in the transaction. but at least its stability.. I hope!!!

I get my benefits right away too.. they start in December for me.. I am going to get vision and dental for me and the girls and he will cover us with health insurance through pomps.  so we have it all covered now.. I get 20 hours of vacation if i make it till january 18th with out calling in and if i make it one full year till july 18,2012 with out calling in i get 40 hours of vacation pay..  and then if i make it a full two years with the company i get two weeks vacation pay and so forth on the down the road..

I am so proud of myself..  anyway that is whats been going on here. I have been in an emotional state again with a lot of things going on here..  but its all taken care of. i try not to talk to much because hubby does read my blog sometimes..

My wittle family is sick but me.. Knock on wood.. I dont want what they seem to have.. No thank you.. but again I am gone. Talk soon.. Have a wonderful rest of the week..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I have some photos for you but have to wait...

Hi there. I have some photos on my phone but have to wait because I dont know what Brianca did with the little thing that I put the phone memory card into.. She was using it when she put my ring tone onto my phone for me. I had her help me put Amy Grants "What love is for" on my phone.. Now I know whose phone is ringing when it goes off..LOL.. With four cell phones in the house I was going nuts not knowing whose phone was going off..

Anyway I have some beautiful sunset photo's and some sunrise photo's but have to wait to get them onto the puter in a bits.. I have had more snuggle time with Jeff since I blew up at him.. And I also talked to Brianca about how I felt and she agrees with me on alot of things.. She gets uncomfortable when he wants her to snuggle all the time so she has started to go to her room instead.. finding something else to do.

I miss visisting you all as much as I was.. I have been busy. I have 10 rows left my afghan with our names and the hearts in it..  Was hoping to get a few more rows of that done with weekend...I dont know yet. Next weekend i am not going to have much time to get anything done..  Briancas boyfriend from Appleton is coming up and hes bringing his 17 month old daughter with him..  So that means the whole house to be clean and free of things she can put in her mouth.. 

Kora might get her first taste of what babysitting is like.. Going to let her take care of her for a few times..  She has never handled a baby but there are five adults in the house to help her.. Its not l ike we are leaving  and just letting kora take care of her.. 

I popped my knee out of place last week some how and when it popped back in it hurt and its been stiff since then. We have played raquetball quite a bit since getting our membership back.. I miss playing. I want to take the girls swimming. I just might check here shortly and see if they have any open swimming today.. Just to get out with the girls by ourselves. I dont spend as much time with the girls as I want to..

Anyway lots going on here but the girls are hungry.. Talk soon..  I will try and find that memory card thing for my phone..  I wont post the pix today but in my next post..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things have changed since my TEMPER TAN TRUM

Hi all. things have changed here since i blew up at Jeff and Brianca.. They no longer snuggle up on the couch when her baby side shows up. she keeps her distance..  I have let them both know how I feel.. I am so proud of myself.. 

Ty has been really nice..  I like having them here but its hard living with two other adults in your home sometimes...  there is always a but isnt there in any case like this..  Anyway I dont have much time to write this post.. 

Jeff has been having really bad nightmares.. We went to bed at the same time last night and it took him until almost 11 to get to sleep.. He turned and tossed and it was horrible..  I have never seen him get like this.. He just couldnt get comfortable. He was sore and achy.. I finally got up and got him some kool aide with three aspirins.. 

So I am going to be dead on my feet today... Jeff got a ride to work this morning so I can type behind his back.. HEHE!!!!LOL

Ok I have to get moving to work. Talk to you all later..  Will try and make rounds in a bit..

Friday, September 16, 2011

I am a BITCH OF A WIFE....

HI there my friends. I dont have much time again.. I have to go to work here in a few minutes but wanted to say hi.. I am a bitch of a wife.. I have said somethings in the last 24 hours that could result in Jeff leaving me.. I dont blame him or anyone in my house that might hate me..  I have been jealous and its not easy to admit.. I miss my husband in many more ways than a person can imagine.. 

I get jealous and then my mouth starts wagging and then we fight..  I hate fighting with my best friend. He is my best friend. My only friend here.. I know you ask about Brianca and Tyler but they are on the outside of what is going on here.. Actually I got jealous because of Brianca last night..  I have told two people in blogland what is going on and its not easy for me to talk about it further..

I dont want to go to work today. I dont feel good.. I feel ill but I dont want to be at home either. I am cold and just feel like I am going to lose my cookies.  I hope that feeling goes away soon..  Its one of those jobs that if you are there you are staying there.. 

I dont want to lose my husband and I have been trying to keep my mouth shut lately. its hard.  Its really really hard on me. I know when Brianca wants to spend time with Jeff she isnt in adult mode.. She is what you call an AB (adult Baby)...  She needs snugglings and taking care of...  And that is why she came back to stay with us.. She wanted to get away from her boyfriend and come back to stay with us.. She missed us and wanted us to take care of her and I have spoiled that with my jealousy...

I will never be a professional basketball player.. I was trying to slam dunk a can into the trash can last night and missed it. I was standing right next to the trash can.. LOL.. Not even two feet away and I missed it.. Yikes..  Ok peeps I have to get going here shortly..  I will be back later on to make rounds. Something I havent done in a while... I will try to have some photo's up. I have some photo's on my phone but need to figure out how to get them off my phone onto the computer..  I dont have the phone adapter this time.. So I am off to work I go.. Talk to you all later. .

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dont Have much time

Hi there.. I dont have much time. I promised the girls I would spend sometime with them.. I havent spent much time with them since we got house mates..  I have been busy lately..  things going on here I cant blog about more less wont blog about.. 

Yes there is a packer game tonight..  LOL..  Jeff and I are going to get our membership back at the YMCA hopefully tonight. I miss playing raquetball.  I miss telling you peeps about how funny we looked..  Other things going on here..

I wont be having any more photos to share for a while either.. My camera took a dump on me finally and I would love  a new one but cant afford one. My phone takes photo's but they come out blurry..  Brianca fixed the resolution last night but they still come out blurry.

Jeff bought us a new bedroom set. We are making payments on it.. Its beautiful. I wish I could show you what it looks like.. But I have no camera..My middle finger is swollen and it cracks every so often. I think I jammed it somewhere.. But not sure..  but anyway I am off to spend sometime with my girls.. I will have more  to post on later hopefully.. N..

Friday, September 2, 2011

Upating blog from Briancas laptop..

Hey all..  now has more time to chats. i can updates even if Jeff is on puter now.. Yayy me,,  update on phone its was shot. i had to get new one.. but phone number is the same for those that have number,  i am so sleepy today.  sorry for the wrong punctuation. anyway going to go play games with jeff and brianca if she wants to..  just thought i would drop a line for you all.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hiya, and Hello Hello HELLO!!!!!LOL..

Hi there peeps.. I havent been posting agains lately.. I miss my daily posts or my everyother day posts.. But we have been busy here. As I said in my last post we have two new adults living with us until they find places of there own and such.. Jobs.. Well Ty did find his job I told you all abouts..

Now Brianca is here. We went and got her yesterday. We left green bay at 1:30 in the morning to get to the Uhaul, (penske) at 10:00 Am. We lost and hour going. it was our nine and there ten.. Its funny how that works.. But it was dark on the way and of course I was in a hurry to get on the road and I left my camera at home to take photo's of the most beautiful sunrise I have seen a while.. The sun was blood red and the sky behind it was a really pretty pink. but it didnt rain.. It was awsome. 

We got to Indianapolis and went to the Uhaul place and Brianca met us there..  We made sure her car fit the towing thing and then headed to her house to pack up the boxes and her bed she had waiting for us.. Then she had to say goodbye to a few people.. The boyfriend she was leavign to come up here was sad but he did ok until we left.  He called her twice while we were in the car.. He couldnt figure out what to do since she was gone..

Anyway I did good driving. I drove all the way back from Indianapolis with out killing anyone..LOL. OK OK that isnt really funny..I am a nervous driver on the highway usually and I was pretty good yesterday. Maybe it was because I made the right decision to let Jeff take Kora in the Uhaul and I took the two B's as I call them.. But Brianca and I talked about all sorts of things.. We had fun..

Then we stopped for supper in Sheboygan for supper at Perkins and when we left I wish I would have brought my camera again.. The most beautiful sunset I have seen a while too. It was just a beautiful day in all. I am still tireds from being up as long as I was yesterday but if I nap now I wont go backs to bed tonight at 9:30.. Yes I have to get my beauty rest or I dont function in my new job. Its not that its hard but repetitive..

Life will go back to normal as of tomorrow. Go back to work and come home for an hour and then go back and get Jeff from workies..

Did I tell you in my last post I fried my new cell phone?? We upgraded my cell phone and I really liked it. Well it was used but new to me and it was raining the other night and we had to go out for a part for the tub and we were in a hurry to get in the store and I dropped my phone. Well we shut it off and now when we turn it back on they keypad turns on but the screen doesnt.. it sucks.. I wondered if it was damaged before that point though.. They keys would click and sort of spark when I would text someone..

Well anyway Jeff has an idea for a phone for me and I want to go find out how much it will cost me to get one like he has for work.. He has a sprint cricket I believe they are called.. It would have came in handy yesterday for sure between the two cars. Well I suppose. I need to get going. Talk to you all soon. I will try and make rounds in a bits.. Not sure what we are doing today..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alot going on...

Hi there. I am alive and living.. I have been missing in ACTION... Sorry my friends.. I have been busy trying to get the house ready for another visitor.. The same one that the photos are of below this post. Her boyfriend started in on her when she got home again. and she called us back up and asked if she paid for everything if she could move up here. So she is going to stay with us for a while.. He has been an ass to her for a long while and she is just fed up with it.. She told him a few months ago if things didnt change she was leaving him..

Well she called us and such.. So Saturday we are taking a day trip to Indianapolis to get her.. Jeff has to drive the  uhaul back here and I have to drive our car. Jeff is going to be pulling her car with the uhaul so she has a car to drive while she is here.. Then we have another friend staying with us that came in last week. He has found a job already..

I am so proud of him for doing so.  He got a job at one of our local Taco Bells and not just an employee. He got hired on as a Shift Manager...  He had experience the manager l iked  him and he got the job.. and I am hoping its as quick for the other friend coming in from Indianapolis.. Then we can have some help..

Oh talking about such things.. Jeff and I found this whole bedroom set we want.. oh its beautiful.. but its going to cost us some money.. We are hoping that if Ty and Brianca stay for a while they can help us and we can have the extra for the new bedroom set..Its got the bed, the tall dresser and the wider dresser with the mirror and two lamps I think.. I dont remember exactly.. but its a light brown wood set. Head and foot board. 

Its an awsome bed set.. i want it so bad.. Then we are planning giving Ty our old bed and old dresser where he has something to put his clothes in. And making him a bedroom down stairs in our basement.. And Brianca is taking briannas room for the time being..  So we have this under control and I have some rules that everyone is goign to follow when they get settled in.. 

Oh guess what peeps. Bri got to go on the Coaster finally. Ty took her up on it. She cried when it came to an end. I guess there is a small jolt at the end of the ride and it picks you off the seat slightly.. She didnt like that part. She said she wants to try it again with the seatbelt tighter though.. LOL..  My daring little sweetie.. We got me, ty, jeff and bri on the tilt a whirl though.. That was funny.. and then ty and jeff took the girls on the bumper cars..

jeff, ty,kora and brianna

kora riding horse at  bay beach

bri riding horse

ty, kora and bri in Lake Michiagan

koras first time in a water bumper car. she loved it.

kora just spinning around in the bumper car.

Well folks that is about it for now.. I will try and let you all know how my trip goes Saturday on Sunday if I have any ME TIME!!!! Talk soon ok.. Miss my friends but just busy.. if any of you who talk to me regularly here want my number just e-mail me ok..

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hey all I have been missing in action again.. No we had company and I have photo's to share with you.. This friend who lives in Indianapolis came to visit again and she wants to move up here. She said she has nothing left down there and wants to move close to us.. We took  her to bay beach but forgot my camera. It was raining anyway so not to many photo's of that. We got on one ride.. and then we took her to to the beach..  boy was that fun. the girls have never been to a beach before and they got to swim in Lake Michigan..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A stone wall..

Hi there. I feel like I have hit a stone wall again.. I havent had much to say or to write about.. I have the girls doing some preliminary school work made up by me or Jeff. I have them taking four random words and making  a story out of them.. and then I have them doing math problems that both us make up.. I have been the only one of recent but was hoping Jeff would help me later on..I have wrote a note in Facebook for those of you who dont blog all the time but like facebook to read instead of here..

I miss some of my friends who have completely left blogland for FB.. I have talked to them but they have completely left blogland..  I dont see the point in FB really. i have my account open for my Etsy shop. I have my FB page open for that and those that like my fb page.. its  if you want to like it you can.

We go to Milwaukee Saturday to pick up a friend of ours from the airport. Its cheaper to have her fly into Milwaukee than all the way into Green Bay.  Plus I get a car ride out of the deal.. She is going to stay with us till tuesday and then go back. She lives in Indianapolis. I know why is she only flying an hour but the drive is seven hours.. so its worth her to fly instead of drive.

I have considered closing up my etsy shop. I am not making the sales I was hoping to make.  I have lots of stuff on there and lots of people who like my shop but where are the sales from thos that like my shop so much.  Its a hard world. i wasnt expecting to make a million dollars with it but I wanted to break even and maybe even pay a bill or two with it. I know I will never be able to stay home with the girls again.  Not with the economy being the way it is.. I miss staying home and going to the park and such. but we just cant.. Oh well.. that is life.

I got bris earrings changed finally on Saturday. It has been almost two months and I finally just got her earrings she got her ears done with out on Saturday.. They really had the back on her earrings. Plus her ears kept bleeding and pussing up on me.. I was afraid i was going to have to take the earrings out and let her ears heal by themselves.. but she seems ok now that we have taken the offending earrings out..

I dont have any new photo's for you to see right now. Maybe on Saturday.. Life is just moving on with out it seems lately.. but I am good otherwise. I have a book I am reading about half way done with. Its called the Preachers Wife.. I am not good at book reviews.. I wont be doign a review on it. but I will tell you I like it.

My reading list so far this spring/summer has been Kim Harrison witches, weres,  pixies, vampires.
True crime books like Dancing with the Devil, and The  Preachers Wife.  Not sure whats next but those are what I have read so far.

Anyway I need to get going. I am being lazy from working. I may sit half the day at work but my butt seems glued to the chair.  I have a few things before bed at 9:30 tonight. I go to bed early now and get up early.. what a concept huh?? LOL. talk to you all soon.. N..

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Part Two of New Job

Hi there.. Part two of new job.. I am in the new position..I was hired to do this job but had to wait a week or two before going into it.. i am working for Modern Plastics but not for them.. This area we are working for is leased with Georgia Pacific.  GP pays Modern Plasitcs to test there paper and soap dispensers.. We find flaws in the dispensers and then send them back and they rework the work.. They want perfect products and that is what we are testing for. 

We have two people on a machine or dispensner.. One person sits and records problems that arise. And the other person operates the dispenser.. Like one person pulls on the paper for an hour or how ever long it takes to get one roll of paper toweling to go down to the core. We want to see if the paper comes off the roll or if it sticks to the roll. If it sticks we have to document why it didnt come off the core..More than likely with that one there is too much glue on the core.

Then we take and measure the paper too. We have three settings in a dispenser. We do all three settings. Not just the two of us. We take and move around the room all day long.. So i will work with someone on this dispenser and document while he/she tears and then we switch and then we move to another type of dispenser..

There are fork, spoons, and spork dispeners, towel, and soap dispensers from what i am understanding. There might be more but this is the main of our bulk. We can take the spoons and soap home with us with permission from the team leader.. I havent yet but i might sometime..

Its an easy job but sort of boring really.. but i am getting paid to do it and doign well. i havent been good with a ruler but learning each day I have been up there. We have to measure five paper towels and then get an average on how long they are.  Then we have to get a static reading on them also. but in real life someone isnt going to stand in a bathroom and pull on the dispenser for an hour to get all the paper off the core.. But you just never know though really.. LOL.. There have been weirder things happening.

OK OK anyway that is what the new job i was assigned to do is.. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.. We might go and see the Airshow in Oshkosh tomorrow. Not sure yet. Its suppose to be hot and humid and maybe have some storms.. So we arent sure what our weekend will entail with going out. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Job

Ok peeps I have been slacking on telling about the new job. Its going good. I get to do something different tomorrow I heard but not sure yet.. But what I am doing for the time being is testing some paper towel dispensers. They are taking like 30,000 of them apart and redoing them. Something mehcanical went wrong or something. I am not sure and I didnt ask as I am a new employee..

What I do is the last part before they put the dispenser back in the box. I test the dispenser with paper towels.. You should see the paper towels they waste. I think we can bring the paper home but not sure on that one. I put the battery pack in and the paper towel and then let it do its thing and then run the paper through like if you were loading it.. then i put all the goodies inside and ship it to the guy that is going to box it and put it back on the pallet..

Not a hard job but dont let anyone ever tell you that plastic is light because after about the hundredth dispenser my arms are feeling like they want to fall off. We do about 450 dispensers in a day. There are two of us testing them so dont let that number scare you. 

But I heard something about doing something different tomorrow. I will have to let you know if I got to do something else tomorrow.. i also promised you photo's the next time I blogged.. so here we go. let me get my camera and let one of the girls take some photo's of me..

Ok Ok here we go.

I used 8  3.5 skeins of yarn for my sweater and about half a 7 oz skein..   This little guy here with the bar of soap and three scrubbies used a 2 oz ball of cotton.  My arms on my sweater are a bit big but that is ok.I can wear a long sleeve shirt under it if i desire.  other wise its just more room to move around in.. Anyway that is about it for today. I have to go do a load of laundry and then I have to go get hubby. I hate haveing one car.. LOL..

Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Vacation..

It felt nice to look at someone elses four walls. We needed the vacation but the girls are right back at eachothers throats since i walked in the door at 3:30 PM.. Yikes.. but boy do I have something to tell you.. Kora was my baby this weekend. She stayed in the shallow end of the pool and Bri had those wings on her arms.. OK No big deal right but she was jumping off the deep end of the pool and swimming back to the shallow end. The big kids didnt want to play with Kora. They wanted to play with Bri.. LOL.. All Kora did was complain everytime someone suggested she jump with them at the deep end..  I almost pushed her in but didnt want to ruin her weekend with her blubbering worse than she already was..  So I have more photo's of Bri this time around than I do photos  of them together..

Oh yes Fridays clouds to start the weekend off. It was beautiful.. 

kora and bri playing chess Saturday before we could check into the motel.. Yes they were actually playing.

Lobby of the motel we stayed at.. I loved the waterfountains they have out there. Just wonderful.

bri at the deep end of the pool..

bri trying to back float.. but doing pretty good. i think we have a fish on our hands..

oh just love these photo's when I can get them.. when they are mid air like that..

bri jumping  backwards into the deep end of the pool fo rmommy to take photo. 

both girls after swimming and running around all day long.. 

jeff right before his last round..  he got a draw out of this game but should have lost I heard.. i am glad he pulled a draw out though..

the room where they play chess and no talking aloud after the games start. Or alot  of noise I should say..

kora bri and a new friend. I cant remember what her name is.. will ask girls when they come in and edit it.

They had a wonderful time and so did I. I just got to relax and sit in the whirl pool for a bit and do some adult talking and then just me time.. I brought me some yarn and make a bathmit and three facial scrubbies and started on a second bathmit but didnt finish it yet. I will post those in a few days.. The one bath mit is made with 100% cotton and i made it like a mitten with the thumb and everything.. LOL.  The color was called dalmation. Its black and white.. Pretty neat color contrast really..  I am looking at like 13 dollars for the set and 3.00 dollars for shipping.. 

Anyway this is one long post with photo's in the middle of this. if you are still reading I am suprised.. LOL.. Take care my friends..  Have a wonderful next few days..