Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things you will never believe

Hi my friends.  I have quite the story for you..  Work is going better. sorry its taking me so long to update. i have passed my work improvement plan..  She knew i would but had to put me on it.. So things are good there..

I got in a car accident  yesterday.  I am fine. I am here at home typing. I took today off from work to relax. I was coming home and got on the highway like i normally. Went to move over to the lane I needed and there was a truck sitting there.  I didnt see her at first.. I tried to stop but couldnt stop fast enough..

The lady behind me saw only my brake lights come on and couldnt stop fast enough either.  And she rear ended me and pushed me further up the car i had already hit.  I have photo's but they are on my phone and I havent figured out how to get them to the puter yet..

I am very emotional right now.. I am just taking today to relax and try to recuperate from the accident.  I feel very tired. I went to bed about 10 last night and slept till about 9:30 this morning.. But I am feeling very tireds again.  I dont want to sleep to much or i wont sleep tonight when its time to go back to bed.

On a better note  Jeff and I have some good news.. NO I AM NOT PREGGO!!!!! We are going back to school. We start on Monday Dec. 5th.  I am going for Networking (IT) and Jeff is going for Electrical Technologies.  We will graduate in one year and nine months.. I am sick of living from payday to payday. I have been told being a woman in the IT world is very rare and I can make lots of money being a woman in the IT department.  So that is whats going on here..  Just trying to stay alive and above water like usual..

The girls are good and growing way to fast. i wish I had my camera. I want a new one for x-mas. Maybe Santa will be really nice this year and get me one.  I have been using Ty's but its not like having my own.  Anyway I need to get going. I will talk to you all later.. Talk soon. Nicole..


  1. Coooool!!!!! School is no guarantee, yet it is one of the few things no one can take away from you. If I had it to do over again - more school, yes! Sorry about the accident - it does take a lot out of a person - very draining. I hope there are no lasting effects.

  2. glad you have good news it was worth the wait ! I was in a car accident in 2004. simple whiplash was all that was diagnosed in the beginning but as my life unraveled they discovered a brain injury, so do not delay if your tired feeling continues or you can't remember how to add....or to tell time...or anything you know you know how to do now becomes a struggle get your brain checked ! all those things are signs to look at the brain, it is easily damamged and not easily found. and it only heals when you are in deep sleep thus the reason you are so tired.