Wednesday, April 27, 2011


HI my friends.  We had a quiet Easter. We couldnt go to his mothers house this year. We just couldnt afford it.  but we had the usual, ham and such. then we had a little easter Egg Hunt for the girls. We dont eat hard boiled Eggs here but we did buy some plastic eggs and we lost one.. LOL.. yes that means we cant find it..

The girls got mixed chocolates, jelly beans, and smarties.  I didn't take any photo's of them searching and they didn't dress up since we didn't go anywhere. We stayed home and the girls played outside while I sat and just relaxed and slept before work of course.. LOL. It seems I am always sleeping but its working out for us.

Life in the R household is whacked out sometimes.. It was at least 60 degrees on Sunday and Kora got her first sunburn.. Not real bad. Just around her shoulders and some of her neck. And all Bri got was her tip of her nose.. Its amazing to know how different they are. but they both tan after getting burned once or twice. I still don't tan well after all these years.. Now Jeff on the other hand.. He tans. 

Oh off the topic we think we are seeing improvement on his psoriasis. We bought him some Vitamin B5 about two weeks ago and it has seemed to be helping. The sores on his legs seem to be getting lighter and have have healing lines in them.  So we are hoping this maybe the cause of his sores.. something to do with something misfiring and to much stress at the same time.. And Vitamin B5 is suppose to help control that from what I have been told by him. So lets just hope this is what he has needed.

Well I suppose always something to do and I need to go wash a couple loads of laundry before I go in tonight.. They seem to be steady at work. It seems I am always working and no play. but that is the life an adult.  Well most adults.  lol. OK OK I am off. Talk to you all soon.. Hopefuly to make rounds this weekend sometime. N..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is it Spring or Winter And Other tidings at the R household.

We have went from Spring back to Winter again in one damned Day..  Yuckie.. It is snowing again today and we are suppose to get like 6-10 inches again today into tomorrow.  I am so ready for spring. I have a slight cold but not complaining one bit. but they wonder why people are getting sick!!!

We have went from thunderstorms and tornadoes to another white out.. This sucks royally.. I cant take any more of mother nature not knowing what she wants done this year.. Then we are suppose to have thunderstorms again at the end of the week again.. I dont get it. 

I remember right before jeff and I moved away from my home town the winter before was 30 Degrees F almost all winter long and that was a heat wave there.. I mean come on and now its been kind of shitty ever since that time.

It has been a decent winter this winter but lots of snow. I mean we have gotten almost 12 feet of snow here total this winter. 

I feel sorry for the turtles we saw just a few short week ago or so. Now they have to go back under water and wonder what is going on.  I feel for the animals..  I mean the robins and bluejays who have made there way back.. I  havent seen any yet but if they have will they freeze not being used to the cold weather and then the warmer weather.

We bought our bikes a month ago and have been able to ride them twice because of the damned weather. Its either been to damned chilly or too wet or just too plain assed snowy outside.  I am so looking forward to beign able to ride them.. When Gas goes to over 5.00 dollars a gallon Jeff and I have a plan. We are going to park the car in the garage and ride our bikes when we have to go someplace and ride the bus system again everywhere. 

Gas is 3.89 a gallon here already. Its going up slowly and I dread the day I see it go up to over 4.00 dollars. I just dread that day.  Our ecomony sucks right now and I am so sick and tired of it. I want things back the way they were but I know they wont go there. We are almost broke as an ecomony.  What happens when the world in itself goes broke?? Or just the United States?? then we get owned by another country and does that mean learning another language because I am not interested really. I would be screwed royally. 

Lots of scary thoughts out there.  I am not saying we are going to go broke but you just never know.  I heard Obama's going to run again for a second term.  I am not sure how I feel about that.  I mean come on what is he really doing? I dont know but its fustrating really. 

Well I suppose. I need to do somethings before jeff comes home from work and then I need to get ready some what myself. Life goes on even with a snow storm outside our livingroom window right? lol.  OK OK I am off. Happy Tuesday everyone..

Friday, April 15, 2011

I am getting Pissed off at Blogger..

Hi there all. I am getting really pissed off at blogger..  I cant visit half of your blogs because it says windows wont let this or that do its job or what ever the little white box is. So if I dont visit for a while its because my computer or blogger wont let me in.. I am getting just fustrated with all this internet shit lately. 

I have a post I want to do but not sure how to word it yet.  But if I cant visit half my friends I dont know if I want to post it anyway.  I worked two days this week and we are screwed next week when we go to make our mortgage payment..  I hate this shit. I want a good job but there is nothing out there that pays 9.50 an hour full time and 3rd shift right now.  Nothing or no one willing to hire me..  I have applied at our local Wal Marts and for some reason they wont even call for an interview.. 

Oh well. I dont care I guess. I am just saying I am fustrated right now with everything.  I dont know if this problem is an internet problem or computer problem. I suppose I could have Jeff take a look at it and have him tell me what he thinks..

On the bright side of things here is partially what i saw this morning on my way home. I wish I would have had my camera when I walked out of the building this morning. It was so pink. I mean a bright between fuschia pink and some other pink..

So enjoy the photos and have a wonderfl weekend my friends.. I hope to be around tomorrow sometime.. I got most of my cleaning done today. Even with me getting up at 2:30. I hate sleeping all day but hey it keeps us from paying a babysitter.. I have the girls doing small chores while I sleep. they are to clean there rooms and keep the movies put up if they watch one in our bed while I sleep.  Then we are working on home work when I wake up.. so always doing something.. they even still get outside time most of the time with this schedule. anyway here goes FUSTRATED to finish making meatballs and mashed pots for dinner with gravy and maybe green beans.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I forgot the Turtle PHOTO's...

I cant believe I forgot the turtle photo's..  Its just plain stupid of me..  There werent as many out as we thought there might be but they were under the water swimming around.  You could see the ripples where they were.  Some came up to get a breath of air and right back down again. So here are the few I did get sunning themselves.. they are just unusual animals..  Its hard to believe they live under the ice and water all winter long and then in spring summer and fall they live in both areas.  They are amazing creatures. Anyway hope you enjoy the photo's. Other wise right now they just look like muddy water with nothing in them.. but there are turtles if you look hard enough. I just wish there would have been more of them when we went on sunday. Oh well we can only capture whats out for now..  Happy hump day.

Oh before I forget Jeff turned 34 yesterday..  he had a rough day at work and we are going to make him a special dinner this weekend if I have enough money.. He wants Spaghetti Pie.. I will eat it because that is what he wants.. 

you might have to look really hard to see the little guy or girl but he/she is there.  it was sort of under water when I took the photo of it.

this one was taken while going over the Fox River and we are about 117 feet off the water and where the boats and ships can go under us.. that is one of the ships at the loading docks.. One of the bigger ones I have seen in a while. I hate going over the bridge. I hate heights..

Monday, April 11, 2011

First Hike 2011

Hi my friends Boy was it wet out today. It April 10th and we have storms everywhere around us today. We had some nasty ones last night before Jeff and I went to bed..

this video you will have turn up your speakers and listen really closely because of the crunching of our feet.  I couldnt see the birds to take photo's of so I took video of them talking to each othe and there beautiful noises they make in the wild.. I hope you can hear what we heard out in the trails yesterday  Sunday April 10th, 2011. 

There we tornado's up the yang yang here last night. Jeff saw one that wasnt on the ground when he took me to work last night. I didnt feel safe to drive myself so I had him take me to work.  I felt safer with the car in the garage with all the wind we were having after the storms passed.

Other wise life here is good.. I have been working 4 days a week sometimes five for the last few weeks now..  They have to put more products on the machines and sometimes it takes them more time then they expect so I end up not working.. it sucks really..  but nothing I can do about it.  I take what they offer.

Its hard sometimes looking at what my check each week will be and figuring out what to do with it.  Was hoping for a full check this week because our mortgage is going to be a few days late but oh well. We will figure it out like we normally do..  anyway this was a post about our first hike.

We didnt see to many animals this hike. I think it was to chilly yet.   We saw and walked through many water puddles. Well it was dry the first half of the hike and then we were in about half way and we decided to keep going. So thankfully I had my steel toed shoes at home for work last night. 

Yayy video one uploaded...This second video is of some frogs. We couldnt see them but you could hear them really well..  It was a cool shot I thought anyway.. Sometimes we hear things I cant describe to you out on our hikes and these two video's were of those times.. The first was of birds calling.. Just amazing but you can hear our feet crunching really bad too. So hopefully I caught the most part of what I was trying to get out.

We were hoping to see more snakes and frogs out on the trails sunning themselves but it must have been a bit to chilly for them to come out yet.. I am hoping we can get out again next weekend.. I dont know if it will be any warmer but Jeff said something about snow on Friday again.. Yuckie.  I am so ready for the warmer air.  I have my front door open letting in the evening breeze  while the girls are outside playing.

Well video's uploaded. I am hoping you all can view them.  Have a wonderful few days until I can come up with my next post. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Faithful Pet

Hi there. Our faithful pet has gone bonkers with the nice weather.I have the front door open with the screen door window open and she has gone bonkers with playing and running through the house.. She loves when I start opening the windows.. 

Can anyone of you who have read my blog for the last so many years believe our faithful pet is already three human years old?? She turned 3 March 10.  And she is still as spry as a newer kitten is when they start getting playful.. LOL..

Oh dont let me forget to tell you she doesnt take lightly to us forgetting to give her, her Friday treat. Her can of soft cat food.. I need to go do that  here in a minute or  I will have a very pissed off fury child..  she is just as spoiled as the other two. 

Well here are some photo's if I can get them to load.. I know I still need to get photo's of our new bikes out too.. I will do that here in a few minutes but you wont see Jeff in photo's with new bikes.. I will just take photo's of our new bikes..  Talking about bikes that is what we should do when jeff comes home. go for a small ride.  Still adjusting my butt to the seat but getting better. Not as sore the last time we rode. 

I finally figured out how to get more than one photo out at a time.. I was having a hard time yesterday getting one photo than another. I figured out with this template you have to do it all in one box. 

Ok anyway that is what I am thinking today. Talk to you all soon..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some Geekiness

Alrighty peeps.. I have some geekiness made for you.. I  have been thinking about this for awhile now and it finally came into reality over last weekend and I just finally got it listed here on etsy.. 

Here comes my newest invention of Cat In The Hat.  Its  a biminy blue and white. It is for the child at heart,  geek that just wants something different or the child that just cant live with out there favorite book..

I want to add more photo's but it wont let me for some reason. Damned computer. We have been having computer troubles the last few days and I am ready to throw the damned thing out the window

But anyway I was looking at if you dont want it up like that you could also fold it in half..  I have a photo of it like that but I cant upload it for some reason..

I have a coffee brown and a warm brown hat made also. Not sure if I can up load that one either.. I just hate when I have computer problems and trying to do something.  Let me see what I can do about uploading one more photo for viewing pleasure..NOPE Damned computer wont let me upload anymore photo's right now.. I am not real happy.. I will keep you posted on if I can get something else uploaded or not. I may have to come back in later and up load it.

I hate changes esp after I get used to something and now this is just fustrating me until I get the hang of it.  So bare with me here my friends.. I dont have to work tonight.. They have work but just not set up.  That is what they must be doing today and part of tomorrow. 

Well anyway I am off to do what ever needs to be done. I will clean tomorrow since I will be able to get up earlier and clean than sleep till almost 3PM..  LOL..  I will catch you turkeys later..LOL..

Enjoy the photo while I figure out how to upload more of them. N..

.Ok here is my other hat I was trying to post earlier.. Just computer problems and it might take a while to get some things on here.. I hate this.. I hate having problems.. enjoy again.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Its beautiful outside

Hi there. Its beautiful outside and I have been up for half an hour..  I get home and make Jeff's lunch and then I go to bed.. I am  not awake yet but wanted to say hello and hope everyone is having a great start to there week.. I am going to try and post a little more on my new site..  I have two hats to post and some bathroom items I have made..

I need the girls heads though but between home work and wanting to be outside they are having a hard time remembering to model for mom here.. boy did it snow yesterday.. it rained and snowed and a little bit of hail in there too. We heard Thunder.  I was wondering what the roads were going to be like on my way to work last night. But they were actually dry on my way to work. 

Really wish I could find a day job sometimes but I like knowing we dont have to pay a baby sitter.. Kora is getting better with her multiplication and division. She still struggles but she is getting it slowly.. Bri is reading big books and doing math like crazy this year..  It amazes me they both have there strengths and weaknesses.. 

Going to try sometthing since i have a new blog todo it. These are the last fire works if i can get them to load we saw this year so far..Ok its only two minutes.. I dont know why its taking forever to load. I hope it doesnt take much longer..  Video wouldnt load.. I was hoping since i updated on blogger  I could upload video's with my HD Kodak Easy share camera.. Guess not.. OH well. OK OK I Need to go find some dinner.. Esp that i can take with me tonight for break.. Talk to you all soon. Miss you all loads. N..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New blog Site

HI peeps.. I have created a new blog today because I was stupid and gave myself a new password to my old e-mail address and forgot what the password was...LOL.. So now I have a new blog with a whole new me in mind. this blog may contain more posts with new items going into my etsy site also instead of having two different blogs for that. I was having a hard time containing both blogs anyway and keeping up with them. so this is what is going to happen.  I understand you all dont comment on everything I put on here. I understand it may seem like it doesnt pertain to you.

I love comments on my items. I love knowing who likes what ok..  Life is treating us well for now here in the R world of home and work..  I have been working pretty steady for the last 3 weeks or so now. I dont want to jinx myself on that area.  Jeffs hours seem to be going back up.  He had lots to do before coming home today.. He still works every Saturday unless he requests a day off and/or we decide to go some place.

Anyway I will set up the new design here shortly. Enjoy  the new me..