Monday, April 4, 2011

Its beautiful outside

Hi there. Its beautiful outside and I have been up for half an hour..  I get home and make Jeff's lunch and then I go to bed.. I am  not awake yet but wanted to say hello and hope everyone is having a great start to there week.. I am going to try and post a little more on my new site..  I have two hats to post and some bathroom items I have made..

I need the girls heads though but between home work and wanting to be outside they are having a hard time remembering to model for mom here.. boy did it snow yesterday.. it rained and snowed and a little bit of hail in there too. We heard Thunder.  I was wondering what the roads were going to be like on my way to work last night. But they were actually dry on my way to work. 

Really wish I could find a day job sometimes but I like knowing we dont have to pay a baby sitter.. Kora is getting better with her multiplication and division. She still struggles but she is getting it slowly.. Bri is reading big books and doing math like crazy this year..  It amazes me they both have there strengths and weaknesses.. 

Going to try sometthing since i have a new blog todo it. These are the last fire works if i can get them to load we saw this year so far..Ok its only two minutes.. I dont know why its taking forever to load. I hope it doesnt take much longer..  Video wouldnt load.. I was hoping since i updated on blogger  I could upload video's with my HD Kodak Easy share camera.. Guess not.. OH well. OK OK I Need to go find some dinner.. Esp that i can take with me tonight for break.. Talk to you all soon. Miss you all loads. N..


  1. Hey, glad you put your new address on another site, or I wouldn't have found you.

  2. Sorry VV I thought i had left it on your blog.. I meant to.. N..

  3. Oh girl I'm having so many prob's with blogger and photos.

    Not paying a babysitter is really helpful. hang in there darling!