Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our time in South Dakota

Hi all. I know I am late posting these. We spent 2 1/2 months in South Dakota. Jeff was working for a place that had him installing security cameras and such. He was working in Pine Ridge South Dakota. Yes the one and same as in Thunder Heart the movie. We had an awesome time. Hundreds of pix were taken and I lost some because they were left on his work phone he had to give back to the company when they let him go and I hadnt had time to take them off before they said he wasnt right for the job.

We saw the black hills.  We have pix of the bad lands. A horse sanctuary with over 500 wild stallions.  We went to a real mammoth sight where they were still digging up mammoth bones to this day. Amazing time. I was going to stay home but I just couldnt do it. I didnt want to  stay home for almost three months by myself with the girls. So I packed us girls up and we took Snowie with us and we drove from Wisconsin to South Dakota.  It was an interesting trip if nothing else. A bit hard on me because I have never driven that far by myself and esp with two young children. I know they arent babies anymore but still they couldnt share the driving.

We got there and got settled in and bought some small appliances where we werent eating out every night. And I made meals in a 3 quart cock pot and a one burner hot pad.  It was cool if nothing else. We washed what dishes we had in the bathroom sink.  You do what you have to do to make things work.

one of the caves. kora didnt want to go with us.  it was cool down under the ground. I cant remember which one this was.

Cosmos. If you ever get to go to SD please go here. It was an interesting experience. 

Reptile Gardens.  Different kinds of reptiles. There was a snake show that we saw. Got some pix but not the best.

jeff hates w hen I post pix of him but couldnt help posting one family photo of our trip/work experince.

these two here were very noisy from up above. By the time we got to the bottom floor where they were they had been put back in there cage. Beautiful birds though.

Hope you enjoy and I can and will post more pix later sometime.  Miss you all just don't have much time lately..