Friday, April 27, 2018

where has three years went

I just realized i havent posted anything in three years.  holy rumbles... I havent been doing much lately with life. I am still crocheting but not much social stuff.  I work full time at Wal mart. My days off are spent with the girls. They are now 13 and 17.  Kora is studying for her GED.  Bri is in 8th grade this year. Still home schooling them.  Jeff is with a great company.  He works for a company that  makes hand held x ray machines.  I have seen the product kinda. Really cool. 

I havent been told by the girls that either one of them hate me directly  yet but still waiting on that phase  of life.  Kora has told  us she doesnt want to finish growing up. So to me that is close enough to be told  I am hated...LOL..I have pix of the girls but nothing on the computer yet.  I  have them all on my phone yet. I am lazy when  it comes to transferring them. 

My mom will be gone 4 years May 3rd already too. I  cant believe life has taken us this far.  I miss blogging but I always forget to come visit. I hope some of my friends see this at least. I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a while. I dont have to leave for work for about half hour so I thought I would let everyone know I am still around some where..

I will be back late this week with updated photos of everyone. I promise.  Its just hard for me to remember everything. Talk at you all later.  Nicole...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our time in South Dakota

Hi all. I know I am late posting these. We spent 2 1/2 months in South Dakota. Jeff was working for a place that had him installing security cameras and such. He was working in Pine Ridge South Dakota. Yes the one and same as in Thunder Heart the movie. We had an awesome time. Hundreds of pix were taken and I lost some because they were left on his work phone he had to give back to the company when they let him go and I hadnt had time to take them off before they said he wasnt right for the job.

We saw the black hills.  We have pix of the bad lands. A horse sanctuary with over 500 wild stallions.  We went to a real mammoth sight where they were still digging up mammoth bones to this day. Amazing time. I was going to stay home but I just couldnt do it. I didnt want to  stay home for almost three months by myself with the girls. So I packed us girls up and we took Snowie with us and we drove from Wisconsin to South Dakota.  It was an interesting trip if nothing else. A bit hard on me because I have never driven that far by myself and esp with two young children. I know they arent babies anymore but still they couldnt share the driving.

We got there and got settled in and bought some small appliances where we werent eating out every night. And I made meals in a 3 quart cock pot and a one burner hot pad.  It was cool if nothing else. We washed what dishes we had in the bathroom sink.  You do what you have to do to make things work.

one of the caves. kora didnt want to go with us.  it was cool down under the ground. I cant remember which one this was.

Cosmos. If you ever get to go to SD please go here. It was an interesting experience. 

Reptile Gardens.  Different kinds of reptiles. There was a snake show that we saw. Got some pix but not the best.

jeff hates w hen I post pix of him but couldnt help posting one family photo of our trip/work experince.

these two here were very noisy from up above. By the time we got to the bottom floor where they were they had been put back in there cage. Beautiful birds though.

Hope you enjoy and I can and will post more pix later sometime.  Miss you all just don't have much time lately..

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

EEEKS School has begun and Its almost halloween...

I am not sure where this summer  has gone again.. But I have been at my job at WalMart since May 5,2015 and we were just selling summer stuff and kids getting ready for summer. Now they are back in school and we are selling Halloween costumes.. I cant believe it.

The girls got to go to a JJ Heller concert if any one knows who she is.  They even got to meet her. they have pics but they are on my camera yet. I havent uploaded them  to the computer yet. just been lazy lately. We did laundry and mowed the lawn yesterday and then cleaned out one of my cabinets.  A neighbor lady gave me some onions back this last winter. Forgot about them and they rotted pretty good. took some bleach and pinesol to it.  It seems 100% better in here.  She gave us lots of stuff that I didnt eat and we have tossed because of expiration dates. If its past the date I wont eat it.

Life in the R house hold is busy lately.  I have been crocheting some. I just finished some dish cloths and I have made some more scrunchies.  I am still working on an afghan for the back of the couch. Its just multi colored from all the little ball of yarn I have laying around and they arent big enough to make anything with.  I havent worked on that all summer. Too hot to have that across my lap.  But otherwise we have all been working on something.  Jeff and I at work and the girls helping around the house.  I cant believe Bri got glasses.  I will have to upload there pics from the concert. She has them on there.

I just realized how much I really don't like oatmeal..  But I almost passed out at work this last week because I didnt eat enough breakfast.  Being a diabetic I have to eat and I didn't have time to eat the other morning and plus no sleep.  I get where once in a while lately I cant sleep at night.  I can sleep ok if I go to bed around midnight but any earlier than that I turn and toss lately.

I know I am rambling again. To answer a friends question in my last post. No I am not with Etsy at this moment. I still havent paid my last etsy bill and I was looking at starting up another one on friday with new information. My bank info in the last one is wrong because they shut my account down because I couldnt pay them. I am hoping if I start a new shop it will go better.  Thinking about keeping it to smaller items this time instead of afghans and everything.

Ok peeps. 45 minutes till I have to be at work. I have to get going. Hope all has a good day and I will be back soon to check on everyone.

Friday, July 31, 2015

hey where has the year went....

hiya there my friends. those that still blog alot.  I have been missing in action again. I have changed my profile a bit again. I have changed the looks on my blog. then i updated the photo's I though needed updating.  the girls are growing like weeds and I cant keep up half the time. I miss blogging but don't know what to blog about half the time anymore. I feel empty sometimes.

I lost a great friend, grandfather figure and just a great man early yesterday morning. He was a friend of my mothers father. He was 87 years old but always there to cart us kids around when we needed a ride and just be there.  He will be missed dearly.  I wish I could go home to his funeral but of course finances are standing in our way.  Life is just  a bitch lately.

I finally told my dad how I feel about his new lady friend. That hasn't went over too well. He said they want to come visit in September but I am not so sure I want her here. I want my mom not some other lady in my life. I am afraid of forgetting my mom.  I know its been a year but I don't want to forget the good times with my mom with a new woman in the picture. He lives with this woman and that scares me too for when he gets sick and needs medical decisions done for him. He hasn't married her and tells me he won't  but its still scary to know he might in fright of him getting sick.

I am enjoying my job at walmart I started on May 5,2015.  I am a cashier and I enjoy my job lots. Get to talk to many people in one four hour shift. Its not full time but it gives us enough to look upon every other week besides Jeff's full time job. He was offered overtime the next couple of weeks so he's taking that with a grain of salt. Just wish we could get caught back up on bills and such.  We get behind every year around this time and then we struggle to catch up until tax time.

I am babbling I know but just trying to catch up with all in my thoughts like usual since I don't post very often anymore. I have been going to the Library and getting some pretty amazing books.  I don't usually have ideas for books in my line of vision I just go and pick out what looks appealing to me.

I just finished one that was about this FBI agent who  talks to ghosts.  He finds out that the lady  he is suppose to protect can talk to them also.  So they end up finding out who killed the man of  this ranch that was for people with addictions and rescue animal.  Its called The Night Forever by Heather Graham.  I enjoyed it.  I rather read the large print books lately because I hate wearing my glasses all the time.

Anyway I need to get going. I will try and post more later.  Thanks all for those that still post and say hi. Miss you all but I just havent been blogging. N...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Zibbet Account

Hewwo again.. I have a new zibbet account set up and its running. I only have a few small items posted. i wont be putting anything big on my new account. It doesnt seem to sell well.  I am trying headbands and hats for starters and if things start to go well I might make it where I put a few bigger items. but for now we will stick to headbands, hats and removable flowers and wrist bands.  But the link is this . I can make just about any color hat, or head bands with matching flowers and pompoms.  I use my hot glue gun to attach the alligator clip and pompoms to the flowers.  Anyway if you want something either send me  a message for those that are facebook or just message me off of zibbet. Not sure if you have to sign up to look but let me know if you do. I have looked at stuff and wasnt asked to sign up.  Might have to sign up to buy but you wont have to use that for anything.Can make sales with out having to go through zibbet either. Let me know what you like.  

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Its been a while again.

Hi all. Its been a while again.  I havent given up just haven't known what to post really. I have pix of the girls and I have my crafting ideas. I have been in a slump since mom passed away a year ago May 3rd already.  I have been told by my dr that I have to lose about 30 pounds or she is going to have to put me on that third medication I really don't want.

I got a more steady job this week at Walmart here in green bay.  i was told if I can prove myself to the manager that does the scheduling I can get up to 32 hours a week. i am going to learn my job and be there. I am not going to be late unless I absolutely have to be.

Kora is really into her horses and briannas into playing chess. She has played in two tournaments but hasn't done so well. she gives up easily. I love my family but every one is in there own little worlds lately. I was told today that my mother in law and her partner are getting married July 10th. well it came to a he said/she said thing but  there are no he's here to say anything.. LOL..  I just plain assed forgot and its a big deal. I have alot going on here to worry about than whose getting married even if it is a family member sometimes. I am rude and just don't care.

anyway this is what I have been working on and some updated pix of the girls for my friends.
i made these three headbands and removable flowers for a friend of mine.

wrist cuffs. I think they are adorable.

hat with removable flower. The flower is used with an alligator clip on the back.

one of my crochet flowers with an alligator clip on the back. i used my hot glue gun to put the pompom on it.

one of koras drawings. she copied it from on of her coloring books without tracing it.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wow its 2015 Already

Where did 2014 go?  I have no clue myself.  We have had our troubles last year and it may not be as good this year.  I have had the last two weeks off because of the operators at my temp job werent there to work on the jobs I know how to do.  They won't hire me permanently because the boss feels I won't have operator abilities in two years. I see that as a crock of shit.  Just an excuse not to hire me.  but I need the money so I keep going back.

Jeff is working in the field finally but not sure how long its going to last. He talked to one of the big people last night and they said his production is down. Well they know its slow right now and they keep telling him not to worry but now they are saying his production is down.  Go figure.  I hate companies like that.

The girls are growing like weeds. Kora will be 14 January 13 already and Brianna will be 11 in June.  Where has time went for me being a mom?  I am blessed with two amazing daughters though. I love them more than I can imagine. I miss my mom alot these days. My dad has found a lady friend. Not sure how I feel about that one. I have talked to her on the phone and I have her on my Facebook page but its hard to know that he is seeing someone this close after my mom being gone. My mom has been gone since May.

Jeff and I are looking at renewing our wedding vows in June. I didn't get a real wedding the first time. So we are looking at doing it right the second time.  My best friend from high school is going to be my matron of honour and the girls are going to be the brides maids.  Then a friend  of ours is going to be Jeffs best man.

I miss being out in South Dakota. Jeff was working out there last year in March to till late April. Right before my mom got sick. Then we had to make a mad dash home to see her. She was supposed to have come home to the nursing home but complications to the pneumonia she had. She quit taking care of herself after she had her gastric bypass surgery done.

This is my my Miss S and our adopted stray Mendly.  Brianna named her Mendly because it rhymed with friendly and she was always trying to be friendly.  I was looking for other pix but cant find them. I didnt post any photos of our time in South Dakota.  I did on Facebook but not here. I miss all my friends on here and hope to get back to blogging more this year. Happy New Year my friends.