Monday, March 19, 2012

2nd Quarter Starts Tonight

Hiya peeps. I have promised to keep up while on break and didn't. I was enjoying my time off reading and spending time with my beautiful children and the warm weather we have had here. I have been horrible since school started.  I am home sick today though.  But going to class tonight. I had to take one day off to recoup for work tomorrow.  We all have been sick here for weeks now.  But I have some photo's for you all.

These were taken on Saturday when we went out to Wequiak Falls WI.  Its a small waterfall that comes in from Lake Michigan.  We werent feeling well but needed to get out of the house for an hour or so. Just to get some clean air in our lungs.. Hope you enjoy..

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lions, Tigers Bears OH MY..

The circus has come and gone in the R house hold again this year.. It was pretty awsome like usual and I know there are people who hate the circus for how the animals may be treated. I am biased on this one.  I see it as if they were unhappy they would let the people know esp the tigers.  They are in a cage with a man and no way out for the trainer.  but here are some of my photo's with my new camera.

awsome tiger this year. He had them dancing one at a time and then back into the cages. it was cool.

aww here we go. no vids this year but my camera does take video.  but it was cool to watch.

this ones cool because the dogs like doing there tricks.. they are so cute. there are like six of them.

he is so cute.  he walked on the drum from the one he is standing on to the one waiting for him.

now hes waiting for his apple for his treat.. and then he banged his trunk on the table for another apple when he was done. 

intermission and the girls standing in front of the elephant.  didnt have the money to let them ride this year.

But we promised them next year.  It was tight going but we did manage to go see the circus at least.  The girls are growing up so fast.  To fast for my likings.  Anyway hope you all enjoy the photo's and hope to be around in the next few days to check up on everyone..