Saturday, December 24, 2011

Not in the Spirit This Year

Hiya peeps. I am not in the x-mas spirit this year. I am not sure if its because of everything going on or just because. but I did not put up a tree or my home decorations. We got the girls some gifts but no tree to put them under this year.  I just havent been feeling it this year like the x-mas spirit is here this year.

I want to do some really neat stuff with the house next year but this year it just isnt in the heart of things.  Blame who ever and what ever but I just aint into it. the girls didnt get much and I have no camera to show you all photo's of them. 

Girls are outside making a fort right now. We finally go some snow. We got some snow a few days ago but go more last night. It was nasty. We werent suppose to get what we got.  The girls were looking forward to going out to his moms house but the new car we bought wont make it that far and back.  its a good in town car but it wont handle the highway.  oh well it happens..

I did something cool for Brianca for x-mas. We had a photo of all five of us taken back in August and I signed up for Walmarts photo  thing on line and I had them scan that photo onto a blanket for her, for x-mas. Its so cool and I am having a hard time not just letting her have it before tomorrow. 

I love x-mas the lights and the trees but this year with everything going on and such I just havent been in the mood.  I will snap out of it next year. I want to go and get a tree when they go on sale this week.. Walmart had some really pretty white ones. I want a white one with pretty colored lights next year.  I think it puts off more of the ornaments you use than a green one.  Its a personal opinion.

I have some beautiful ornaments and I want to put them on a white tree next year. I want to make some more for a tree next year too. I have a whole year to do that now.  But with school also its hard to have any me time. I should be doign home work now but need a break for an hour or so.  I am still not done with our blanket i am making for our bed.  lol.

That is our new bed too with the night stands.  Sorry about the mess. I was in the process of cleaning that day. but that is as far as the blanket is.  OK peeps I have to go get some housework done. I will try and make rounds later on..

Merry x-mas everyone. Hope  you have a safe day tomorrow and a happy New Year if I dont make another post before than..

Friday, December 16, 2011


Hi peeps.. To answer your questions.. Yes I was in a car accident.  I have photos but they are on my phone and I dont have the cord i need to transport them.  I wasnt hurt thankfully. But the car is totalled.  We had  to get another car. With school and work we needed a car.  Wish I could get those photos up here..

Some lady stalled out on the highway and I was trying to get into my lane and there she was..  I tried to stop  but couldnt.  Then the lady behind me said all she saw was my brake lights.  It was scary.  But we are ok.

This post was started a few days ago. i am fed up with work.. i want to quit but there is nothing out there right now and I dont have time after work to look. I may call around on Monday and see what is out there.  I am fed up with everything I do is being wrong.. I have passed my work approvement plan but now she is just being a snag again.. I dont know how to please her. 

Today all I had was a t-shirt with some very tiny holes in it and my sweatpants..Well when we left today she kept me behind to tell me not to wear my sweats or my holy shirt any more..  Welll GOSH DAMN IT!!! I am trying.. What else does she want me to do. I have done everything else she wants me to do and once in weeks I wear sweats and a holy shirt..  Fuck this place. I can do better but need time.  I need full time work but I am sick and tired of being up her ass lately.

We have been dealing with Fleas lately because the girls decided to play with a stray cat outside over halloween. We just figured out where they came from. Its horrifying.  My poor furry child.  She has been itching since then because of my girls..  I WANT TO SCREAM AND CRY.. I am so sick of everything right now.  I was going to upload some pix for you about my new bedroom set but i cant get them to upload. Blogger is being a bitch now.  I have to go get Jeff. I will be back later on if I have time. I have to do some home work tonight too  yet. We have class tomorrow morning..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Other Night

Hi peeps. I was going to bed Thursday night and I gave everyone hugs and kisses like I normally do and put the girls to bed and layed down myself.  I have been sleeping with teddy bears lately to keep me company utnil Jeff comes to bed. Then they get put on the floor when he comes to bed..

But Thursday night I went to bed and I shut the door most of the way and Snowie came in to sleep with me until Jeff came to bed.  But I layed on my side facing his side of the bed and felt Snowie come into the bed room and up on the bed. She snuggled and got comfortable. Then I closed my eyes and all I saw was me hitting the first car. I opened my eyes readjusted Snowie and I and I closed my eyes again and it felt like someone hit me from behind and I was on the bed. I actually left the bed about 2 inches.. 

We have some bad news but Jeff thinks we can still fix it. According to Gandrud the place we bought the Sebring from says its totalled but Jeff thinks he can find someone to fix it for us..  I am not so sure this time because of me. 

He bought us another car last night..  Its a 2004 Pontiac Sunfire. Its a two door but we dont need anything bigger really right now. Just enough to get me to work and us to school..  I will take Tys camera and take photo's later.. I still havent found the ones i wanted for here earlier last week.. maybe I will go look before posting this one.. Its my new bedroom set and our afghan that isnt going to get finished for a while now that I hurt my dang finger.. lol..

I tried something interesting with the girls just now. I made a package of hotdogs, had a half can of chili in the fridge and macaroni.. Mixed them with cheddar cheese. YUMMY. Wish we would have had more chili though.. but its good. I drained the macaroni about half way to spread out the chili.  I get funny cravings once in a while and then test them on the kids.. lol.

Ok peeps. I am going to go eat something for  late lunch with hubby and then we have a few places to go today. I will be around tomorrow or later today..Nicole..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things you will never believe

Hi my friends.  I have quite the story for you..  Work is going better. sorry its taking me so long to update. i have passed my work improvement plan..  She knew i would but had to put me on it.. So things are good there..

I got in a car accident  yesterday.  I am fine. I am here at home typing. I took today off from work to relax. I was coming home and got on the highway like i normally. Went to move over to the lane I needed and there was a truck sitting there.  I didnt see her at first.. I tried to stop but couldnt stop fast enough..

The lady behind me saw only my brake lights come on and couldnt stop fast enough either.  And she rear ended me and pushed me further up the car i had already hit.  I have photo's but they are on my phone and I havent figured out how to get them to the puter yet..

I am very emotional right now.. I am just taking today to relax and try to recuperate from the accident.  I feel very tired. I went to bed about 10 last night and slept till about 9:30 this morning.. But I am feeling very tireds again.  I dont want to sleep to much or i wont sleep tonight when its time to go back to bed.

On a better note  Jeff and I have some good news.. NO I AM NOT PREGGO!!!!! We are going back to school. We start on Monday Dec. 5th.  I am going for Networking (IT) and Jeff is going for Electrical Technologies.  We will graduate in one year and nine months.. I am sick of living from payday to payday. I have been told being a woman in the IT world is very rare and I can make lots of money being a woman in the IT department.  So that is whats going on here..  Just trying to stay alive and above water like usual..

The girls are good and growing way to fast. i wish I had my camera. I want a new one for x-mas. Maybe Santa will be really nice this year and get me one.  I have been using Ty's but its not like having my own.  Anyway I need to get going. I will talk to you all later.. Talk soon. Nicole..