Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hiya peeps...

I have been missing in action again lately. I havent been doing much besides struggle with school this quarter. I have thought about quitting and then deciding that its not worth quitting.  Its hard for me right now. I am still not working steadily and we are still about to lose our house.  I need a job soon or we are sure to be screwed in more than one way.  I hate being this broke.

I have started making a new craft and could use the money. I have loads of colors around the house but if you need or want another color just holler.The tissue covers go for 15 dollars plus 3 dollars for shipping and the three washable placemats for 20 dollars plus 5.00 for shipping.

These tissue covers arent for sale. They belong t o Jeffs mom and partner but just showing  you all what I have gotten myself into of late. if you want one let me know.