Thursday, February 23, 2012

heya y'all...

Hi there. I have been busy. We have two presentations to do for school and one final.  I am nervous on all accounts.  I hate presentations. I hate standing up in front of people.  I have some photo's for you all.  I am home alone for the time being.  But still not sure if I should talk about what is going on here yet or not.  I want to so bad. 

I was saying how good work is going except for yesterday I was told that I talk to much again, I dont do enough work, I dont get enough producticivity out.  and so forth.  It hurts alot to hear her say those things. Well i have  a plan on my vacation day tomorrow. I am going to get a resume put together and start looking again. Maybe I can get something in an internship in my field.  That is why I am going to school isnt it?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Guess What this SPOILED BRAT got for Valentines DAY!!

Hi there.. This spoiled brat got something she has wanted for months now again..  Yeah me!!! I am so happy. I can show you instead if you want me to instead of letting you all guess.. Then there are lots of things going on here at home. Just lots o f things. I havent had time to post and be by myself in months.  I always have some one with me. I hate it to be honest with you. Anyway here is my new toy..

ok not quite the ones I wanted. The cat is not mine. He is a friends  cat. I am taking care of him till he can do it himself. That is Liam. He is seven years old and Snowie does not like him at all.  The next photo is one of us at the beach back in August.  Then the botton one is brianna out with her wings on in Lake Michiagan. She loves the water. We will have to go back this summer and let them swim some more. I liked sitting in the sand watching them.

Life is complicated here right now and maybe another post some other day. but for now I have shared with you my new toy.  Its another easyshare Kodak.  I like it so far but different than the other one. School is going good so far.  We are almost done with our first quarter. We have like two weeks left in the first quarter and then we go into the second. 

The job is going ok. We have went from 12 people down to five for now.  We were at 4.  its slowing down. but there is enough work for us five for now. I have 20 hours of vacation time. I am taking next friday off for personal reasons. I will blog about them as I have time.  I am going to start looking for a new job maybe in my field.  I need out of pulling paper. There are things going on there too. Just not enough time this post to talk about it all. Wish there was. I just need some time to get all this out. Well anyway its a post. Hope all is well.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day even though its late.. Nik..