Sunday, May 29, 2011

OKIES ONE more Coaster Vid...

Ok one more coaster vid and I promise no more until Jeff takes Bri up on it.. Then he can take my camera with them and do a shot from the ride..  This angle is cool too..  I will have more photo's up sometime in the next few days because we are going to our local Celebrate Depere Days.. You can google those words and find out what it is if you are interested.. I will not post the link..  Sorry peeps..

Thanks for those commented on my blankie and my landscaping. I am no green thumb but i think I can  handle the mulch now..  Its been raining that all three my plants have finally came up.. They started before I took that photo. One looks like hands and has pretty purple flowers when it flowers. The one I showed you and the corner one gets big like the Hosta.. They are all very pretty. i will show you when they all get a little bigger again. They come back each year..  Those are the kind of plants I can take care of it. LOL!!

Ok now onto the coaster vid. It was windy yesterday and i was talking some but you cant hear me because of the wind. We walked around the Coaster to give you the viewer of my blog where it drops you the first time and up again where it will drop you the second time. But you see the second drop before you see the first one... Sorry it was how we angled the walk.. but if any of you have ever ridden a roller coaster you get the jist of what I was trying to do..

I will have firework vids up tomorrow or Tuesday afternoon. I dont work tonight but work tomorrow.. Its been a blessing to have these days off with my family and enjoy them.. Trust me even with my job being so easy its nice to have a break. Esp working with certain people.. That  is another post sometime if I ever get around to doing it.

OK now blogger wont let me upload my video..  That is just plain weird. oh yes here are some other photo's you might like to see.. I meant to post these a while back..OK now it wont let me do that either right now.. Damned blogger..  I never had this problem with my other blog.. but since I messed up and lost my new password to the old one I have to deal with things not going my way..  I hate this shit..

Oh well maybe later.. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and hope its beautiful where your at. Its suppoe to storm here later and I am hoping I can get the fireworks in or else I wont get to see them this year..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away... And other things

Rain Rain go Away... Its been nice out lately and its raining today and getting hit in other places with to many torandoes this year..  We have plans on going to Celebrate Depere this weekend..  We are going on Sunday because that is when the Fire work show is..  I dont know what photo's I will have for you this year to be honest. I was hoping to get out there a bit earlier this year but we will have to wait and see what happens..  Its suppose to rain this weekend too so I am hoping they can get the fire works done on Sunday or I wont be able to see them this year.. It sucks but its the workings of a working mom working 3rd shift. 

I am so looking forward to my 3 day weekend. I like my job but sometimes you just need a break and spend time with my family. I dont see them enough as it is. I was awake at 2:30 today. I just couldnt sleep anymore.  I went to bed at about 7:15 this morning and up at 2:30.. I usually need like 8 or 9 hours of sleep to make it through the night.. but i have been sleeping alot the last couple of days..

My SIL has went off the deep end again.. She talked to my MIL a few weeks ago but she didnt tell her that they were moving to Florida this week.. She got a new job down there and she has broke my MILs heart again.. I cant believe she did it but yes I CAN BELIEVE SHE DID IT!!!!

I have some left over photo's to show you I promised you from our yard/landscaping job on Sunday. Give me a minute..  Life takes all in different directions.. Can you believe Bris going to be 7 next week already?? My baby.. Yikes where has time went. I remember when we brought her home and Kora told me to take her back because she didnt want her..

Kora was very angry at me for being away for three days and fustrated because the new addition needed a little more attention. but now they are best friends for the most part. Well peeps I need to get going and do some stuff before Jeff gets home from work or it looks like I sit in front of the puter all afternoon.. LOL>. sometimes I wish I could and forget that I am the adult and just play games for once.. but I need to wash some dishes and put some clothes away before work tonight..Always working on something. At home or at work..LOL..

Oh yes I have another suprise for you all but no peeking and I know you all will peek since I said it.. LOL..!!!  But I need to take one more photo and put it in here with my landscaping photo..

our first attempt at landscaping.. i think we did a wonderful job..

our blankie. i am half way done. well not quite but maybe four more rows and i will be half way done.

our messy bed with our new half way done afghan.. Cant wait for me to finish it..

not a very good shot but our messy bed again and you can see the three hearts. I have three more to go on this.  And the rest of our names..
Okie dokes.. I am gone for now.. enjoy.. I have more photos for you and something to show you but they can waits till next time. i have some scrunchies I made and some book markers I made for a fellow blogger.. and two dish cloth/bath cloths with a matching soap saver.. but that is another post entirely. If i would have been thinking I would have added it to this.. but of course I wasnt thinking.. Nothing new lately with me.. Talk to you peeps later.. N..

Monday, May 23, 2011

Here is the coaster up and running.   They didnt have people on it because half hour before we got there.. the power went out on it.. but they did a test run withi t empty and then by time they got it up and running it was about to storm on us..  We barely got home before it stormed on us yesterday..
Here is a sunset about Last week sometime..I think this was taken about Tuesday or Wednesday..  I love the darker pinks in it..

Front of the house again. I know I know..It looks like crapola... Here is it does anyway.. But wait till you see the finished product. I have to publish the post and come back in and add the last photo.I added my photo's by accident before I was done..

Here is under our bedroom window.this is next weekends project if we have the money.It didnt cost much to do under the livingroom windows and this is a smaller space than the under the  livingroom.. the only thing we dont have for this  space is the bricks but we may have enough of them from the back yard I took from around of the trees.. Nots sure yet. I will have to talk to Jeff about that first..

Here is stage two under the livingroom windows.. We have gotten on our hands and knees and basically destroyed the garden.. We saved last years plants and went along but everything else has been taken out..

Just some work photo's of the girls.. same idea as above but wanted a photo of them in front of the house working..We have figured that those yellow rubbermaid gloves work well for gardening too. 

Here is one plant we bought and planted last year. Its one of those that comes back each year. I am not really good at remembering what they are..  This one is big I am suprised. The other two are sort of small yet.. I hope they can grow even bigger now.. Let me go in and fix this where I can get my last few photo's or  make a different post of the last few photo's..  Maybe I will do that instead. I am tired. I just woke up. I am in no mood to fight with blogger today..

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I miss you all terribly. I have a hard time visiting and posting. Most of the time by time I get to being on here Jeff is home and he wants the puter too.. I wish we had a laptop sometimes with internet connection.. Then I can sit and do my thing while he does his..

Well I suppose. I am gone for now. The girls are outside playing with there friends and I need to see whats for dinner.. I am hungry.. I will talk to you all soon I promise.. I will try and make rounds tomorrow or in the next few days...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bay Beach

Hey there all. Bay Beach has opened and we have went already. Its cold and rainy today so we wont be going today.. but in the next few weeks they will have the roller coaster done.. they have it put together but can do the test runs with it being under 40 degrees and rainy. But they opened up for there first weekend last weekend.   We had a blast like usual..

Kora was so proud of herself..  She was tall enough to ride the bumper cars all by her self this year.. I have a video of her doing so. Her first try didnt go as planned for her but she has a blast the second time.Now I dont have to go on them. I cant stand the bumper cars. I dont know if its because of the bumping and joslting or what. I  think that is how you spell that word.. Anyway Here is the vid of Kora and daddy and Bri on the bumper cars..

Also I have other vids today instead of photo's.. Bare with me please.. They are only like 3 minutes a piece so if you have time to watch them that is great. If not come back and watch them at different times..  But these are what we see on the rides.. It was fun doing it this way this time around..

this is what we did last weekend. I have been cleaning today and i have one more load of laundry to do today.. YUCKIE!!!!  I hate housework but it has to be done.. The second vid here is of Koras second time around in the bumper cars. i was going to take still but they kept moving around on me to fast so I decided on video's instead.. I cant wait to see the Roller Coaster up and moving around.. You wont get me up there but I would like to see it running..

This third video is of us on the Scrambler.. I wanted you all to see the fun we had on the Scrambler.. I have this thing with looking up and watching the sky as we go around and around. So I took the camera and pointed it up against the sky also..  Some of you might get dizzy watching that part.. I know I do.. I miss you all but I have been busy and lazy lately. I have been trying to stop by once a week or more when I have time. Crazy times in life..
Ok I wont bore you with the last vid right now.. Enjoy these three..  I will try and make rounds later if I have the puter.I have some floors that need cleaning and  two more loads of laundry..  Well anyway hope you all have a good rest of the weekend. Mine seem to ZOOM by to fast for my likings.. Not enough time in 48 hours to spend with family and friends..

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Working 3rd Shift and Happy Mothers Day

Working 3rd shift.. I like it actually. I like knowing the girls are at home with me also.. Lots of things I like.  Well anyway the last few mornings at work.. I have seen the most beautiful sun rises. There are so many advantages of working 3rd shift..  I dont have photo's of these becuse by time I got out side the pretty colors were gone but I can describe them to you..

My Thursday  Or thursday morning..  I saw this really pretty pink, I mean a fuschia pink. then it turned a golden orange.  I wish I would have gotten photo's. I think its amazing to go from total darkness to this amazing color in the early morning. There were other colors too I believe..

Friday morning before I left the sky was dark until right before I walked out the door. The clouds were a darker color. I saw them as a blackish/purple and then as the sun moved they turned into a lighter purple. then we got pink behind those purplish/black clouds and then sunny..It was something. Then off to the east a bit you could see an orangish/golden color behind the pink.. then of course again by time I got outside all this beautiful color was gone.

I love working this shift but wish I had more time to capture the beautifulness of it also.

Another thing is tomorrow is Mothers Day here in the states. Happy Mothers Day to all my friends..  I hope your families have something special set aside for you. I know we are planning a bbq tomorrow here at home with just the four of us.. then maybe a small fire and then I go to work.

Our local Bay Beach Amusement park opens today. Yayys.. I cant believe its that time of year again. The roller coaster wont be opening today with the rest of the park.  Some weather got in the way of them putting the cars and some of the electrical stuff done before opening day. They are looking at the next few weeks hopefully.. So we are looking at taking the girls over there after he gets off work at noon today.. Well anyway Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Sorry its been so long between posts again.. I try but working 3rd shift sometimes gets in my way but i enjoy it.. Talk to you all soon.. Lots of Love going out this weekend to my friends..