Sunday, May 29, 2011

OKIES ONE more Coaster Vid...

Ok one more coaster vid and I promise no more until Jeff takes Bri up on it.. Then he can take my camera with them and do a shot from the ride..  This angle is cool too..  I will have more photo's up sometime in the next few days because we are going to our local Celebrate Depere Days.. You can google those words and find out what it is if you are interested.. I will not post the link..  Sorry peeps..

Thanks for those commented on my blankie and my landscaping. I am no green thumb but i think I can  handle the mulch now..  Its been raining that all three my plants have finally came up.. They started before I took that photo. One looks like hands and has pretty purple flowers when it flowers. The one I showed you and the corner one gets big like the Hosta.. They are all very pretty. i will show you when they all get a little bigger again. They come back each year..  Those are the kind of plants I can take care of it. LOL!!

Ok now onto the coaster vid. It was windy yesterday and i was talking some but you cant hear me because of the wind. We walked around the Coaster to give you the viewer of my blog where it drops you the first time and up again where it will drop you the second time. But you see the second drop before you see the first one... Sorry it was how we angled the walk.. but if any of you have ever ridden a roller coaster you get the jist of what I was trying to do..

I will have firework vids up tomorrow or Tuesday afternoon. I dont work tonight but work tomorrow.. Its been a blessing to have these days off with my family and enjoy them.. Trust me even with my job being so easy its nice to have a break. Esp working with certain people.. That  is another post sometime if I ever get around to doing it.

OK now blogger wont let me upload my video..  That is just plain weird. oh yes here are some other photo's you might like to see.. I meant to post these a while back..OK now it wont let me do that either right now.. Damned blogger..  I never had this problem with my other blog.. but since I messed up and lost my new password to the old one I have to deal with things not going my way..  I hate this shit..

Oh well maybe later.. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and hope its beautiful where your at. Its suppoe to storm here later and I am hoping I can get the fireworks in or else I wont get to see them this year..

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  1. Blogger has been a pain in the butt for me, for the last 3 weeks now. Hope you have better luck. Can't wait to see the video.