Monday, May 23, 2011

Here is the coaster up and running.   They didnt have people on it because half hour before we got there.. the power went out on it.. but they did a test run withi t empty and then by time they got it up and running it was about to storm on us..  We barely got home before it stormed on us yesterday..
Here is a sunset about Last week sometime..I think this was taken about Tuesday or Wednesday..  I love the darker pinks in it..

Front of the house again. I know I know..It looks like crapola... Here is it does anyway.. But wait till you see the finished product. I have to publish the post and come back in and add the last photo.I added my photo's by accident before I was done..

Here is under our bedroom window.this is next weekends project if we have the money.It didnt cost much to do under the livingroom windows and this is a smaller space than the under the  livingroom.. the only thing we dont have for this  space is the bricks but we may have enough of them from the back yard I took from around of the trees.. Nots sure yet. I will have to talk to Jeff about that first..

Here is stage two under the livingroom windows.. We have gotten on our hands and knees and basically destroyed the garden.. We saved last years plants and went along but everything else has been taken out..

Just some work photo's of the girls.. same idea as above but wanted a photo of them in front of the house working..We have figured that those yellow rubbermaid gloves work well for gardening too. 

Here is one plant we bought and planted last year. Its one of those that comes back each year. I am not really good at remembering what they are..  This one is big I am suprised. The other two are sort of small yet.. I hope they can grow even bigger now.. Let me go in and fix this where I can get my last few photo's or  make a different post of the last few photo's..  Maybe I will do that instead. I am tired. I just woke up. I am in no mood to fight with blogger today..

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I miss you all terribly. I have a hard time visiting and posting. Most of the time by time I get to being on here Jeff is home and he wants the puter too.. I wish we had a laptop sometimes with internet connection.. Then I can sit and do my thing while he does his..

Well I suppose. I am gone for now. The girls are outside playing with there friends and I need to see whats for dinner.. I am hungry.. I will talk to you all soon I promise.. I will try and make rounds tomorrow or in the next few days...


  1. I've been fighting with Blogger for weeks. It takes 5-6 reloads to get a blog page to load. The pix don't always show up. When I try to comment, half the time it kicks me five pages back. I've been getting so frustrated I haven't commented much lately. I've also been busy with work. Hopefully that will ease up soon.

  2. Your plant is a hosta. I love them - they grow larger every year and when they are too large, they are easy to split into several smaller plants.