Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away... And other things

Rain Rain go Away... Its been nice out lately and its raining today and getting hit in other places with to many torandoes this year..  We have plans on going to Celebrate Depere this weekend..  We are going on Sunday because that is when the Fire work show is..  I dont know what photo's I will have for you this year to be honest. I was hoping to get out there a bit earlier this year but we will have to wait and see what happens..  Its suppose to rain this weekend too so I am hoping they can get the fire works done on Sunday or I wont be able to see them this year.. It sucks but its the workings of a working mom working 3rd shift. 

I am so looking forward to my 3 day weekend. I like my job but sometimes you just need a break and spend time with my family. I dont see them enough as it is. I was awake at 2:30 today. I just couldnt sleep anymore.  I went to bed at about 7:15 this morning and up at 2:30.. I usually need like 8 or 9 hours of sleep to make it through the night.. but i have been sleeping alot the last couple of days..

My SIL has went off the deep end again.. She talked to my MIL a few weeks ago but she didnt tell her that they were moving to Florida this week.. She got a new job down there and she has broke my MILs heart again.. I cant believe she did it but yes I CAN BELIEVE SHE DID IT!!!!

I have some left over photo's to show you I promised you from our yard/landscaping job on Sunday. Give me a minute..  Life takes all in different directions.. Can you believe Bris going to be 7 next week already?? My baby.. Yikes where has time went. I remember when we brought her home and Kora told me to take her back because she didnt want her..

Kora was very angry at me for being away for three days and fustrated because the new addition needed a little more attention. but now they are best friends for the most part. Well peeps I need to get going and do some stuff before Jeff gets home from work or it looks like I sit in front of the puter all afternoon.. LOL>. sometimes I wish I could and forget that I am the adult and just play games for once.. but I need to wash some dishes and put some clothes away before work tonight..Always working on something. At home or at work..LOL..

Oh yes I have another suprise for you all but no peeking and I know you all will peek since I said it.. LOL..!!!  But I need to take one more photo and put it in here with my landscaping photo..

our first attempt at landscaping.. i think we did a wonderful job..

our blankie. i am half way done. well not quite but maybe four more rows and i will be half way done.

our messy bed with our new half way done afghan.. Cant wait for me to finish it..

not a very good shot but our messy bed again and you can see the three hearts. I have three more to go on this.  And the rest of our names..
Okie dokes.. I am gone for now.. enjoy.. I have more photos for you and something to show you but they can waits till next time. i have some scrunchies I made and some book markers I made for a fellow blogger.. and two dish cloth/bath cloths with a matching soap saver.. but that is another post entirely. If i would have been thinking I would have added it to this.. but of course I wasnt thinking.. Nothing new lately with me.. Talk to you peeps later.. N..


  1. Well done! Your kids are growing so fast - it does seem amazing.

  2. Very creative on your comforter. Nice job! I'm desperate to get to my home improvement jobs and to relax for the summer, but the legal work isn't slowing down like I had hoped and now I am getting ready to teach a summer class which I've never done. I have to teach 14 weeks of material in 4 weeks. So I've been reworking the syllabus, the exams, assignments, class lectures. Oy vey! One day I will be able to slow down and relax, I hope.

  3. Love the colors you've chosen for the afghan. Yes, they grow so fast and each day one wonders where the years have gone. Nice you've a 3 dayer comin up and hope you find time to relax. The landscaping looks great! Have a wonderful Mem Day Weekend!

    Hi Vancouver, wow 14 weeks into 4?? I wish you the best and hope all goes well!

  4. hi,
    still have that bush you wanted cut down in the back yard that we talked about last year? and the flower bed looks good. gonna put some veggies in too?