Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bay Beach

Hey there all. Bay Beach has opened and we have went already. Its cold and rainy today so we wont be going today.. but in the next few weeks they will have the roller coaster done.. they have it put together but can do the test runs with it being under 40 degrees and rainy. But they opened up for there first weekend last weekend.   We had a blast like usual..

Kora was so proud of herself..  She was tall enough to ride the bumper cars all by her self this year.. I have a video of her doing so. Her first try didnt go as planned for her but she has a blast the second time.Now I dont have to go on them. I cant stand the bumper cars. I dont know if its because of the bumping and joslting or what. I  think that is how you spell that word.. Anyway Here is the vid of Kora and daddy and Bri on the bumper cars..

Also I have other vids today instead of photo's.. Bare with me please.. They are only like 3 minutes a piece so if you have time to watch them that is great. If not come back and watch them at different times..  But these are what we see on the rides.. It was fun doing it this way this time around..

this is what we did last weekend. I have been cleaning today and i have one more load of laundry to do today.. YUCKIE!!!!  I hate housework but it has to be done.. The second vid here is of Koras second time around in the bumper cars. i was going to take still but they kept moving around on me to fast so I decided on video's instead.. I cant wait to see the Roller Coaster up and moving around.. You wont get me up there but I would like to see it running..

This third video is of us on the Scrambler.. I wanted you all to see the fun we had on the Scrambler.. I have this thing with looking up and watching the sky as we go around and around. So I took the camera and pointed it up against the sky also..  Some of you might get dizzy watching that part.. I know I do.. I miss you all but I have been busy and lazy lately. I have been trying to stop by once a week or more when I have time. Crazy times in life..
Ok I wont bore you with the last vid right now.. Enjoy these three..  I will try and make rounds later if I have the puter.I have some floors that need cleaning and  two more loads of laundry..  Well anyway hope you all have a good rest of the weekend. Mine seem to ZOOM by to fast for my likings.. Not enough time in 48 hours to spend with family and friends..


  1. Ohhh amusement parks are sooo fun. Having been born and raised in So Cal Disneyland was a 1/2 hour drive and Six Flags 45mins so we visited many a time. Sounds like you guys had a blast and are looking forward to ridin' the coaster. I enjoyed the read/videos and hope you can get in as much time as possible with the fam!! Have a great weekend.

  2. I LOVE that last video! I've never thought to take a video camera on a ride, how cool!

  3. As a kid, the Bumper Cars were my very favorite! I would laugh SOOO Hard, every time, I would always wet my pants...! LOL! Great Great Fun!

  4. My kids love bumper cars too... a family favorite :)

    So good to see you are doing well and making wonderful family memories with the girls.