Saturday, May 7, 2011

Working 3rd Shift and Happy Mothers Day

Working 3rd shift.. I like it actually. I like knowing the girls are at home with me also.. Lots of things I like.  Well anyway the last few mornings at work.. I have seen the most beautiful sun rises. There are so many advantages of working 3rd shift..  I dont have photo's of these becuse by time I got out side the pretty colors were gone but I can describe them to you..

My Thursday  Or thursday morning..  I saw this really pretty pink, I mean a fuschia pink. then it turned a golden orange.  I wish I would have gotten photo's. I think its amazing to go from total darkness to this amazing color in the early morning. There were other colors too I believe..

Friday morning before I left the sky was dark until right before I walked out the door. The clouds were a darker color. I saw them as a blackish/purple and then as the sun moved they turned into a lighter purple. then we got pink behind those purplish/black clouds and then sunny..It was something. Then off to the east a bit you could see an orangish/golden color behind the pink.. then of course again by time I got outside all this beautiful color was gone.

I love working this shift but wish I had more time to capture the beautifulness of it also.

Another thing is tomorrow is Mothers Day here in the states. Happy Mothers Day to all my friends..  I hope your families have something special set aside for you. I know we are planning a bbq tomorrow here at home with just the four of us.. then maybe a small fire and then I go to work.

Our local Bay Beach Amusement park opens today. Yayys.. I cant believe its that time of year again. The roller coaster wont be opening today with the rest of the park.  Some weather got in the way of them putting the cars and some of the electrical stuff done before opening day. They are looking at the next few weeks hopefully.. So we are looking at taking the girls over there after he gets off work at noon today.. Well anyway Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Sorry its been so long between posts again.. I try but working 3rd shift sometimes gets in my way but i enjoy it.. Talk to you all soon.. Lots of Love going out this weekend to my friends..


  1. Life is beautiful when you take time to pay attention, isn't it? Have a great Mother's Day!

  2. Seems there are so many days when we are so transfixed on the things we tend to stress over we miss the simplest of pleasures. Amazing how quick the seasons are coming and going and hope you get to enjoy the amusement park soon. Have a great weekend and thanks for the visit to my blog as well!

  3. These sunrises sound Exquisite!! I surely do wish you could get some pictures of them....
    Wishing you a VERY VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Tweets! Hope you and your girls had an awesome day together!

  5. another thing about working third shift is the fact that not only do you get to see the sunrise but you also have the opportunity to watch it set too.