Monday, June 25, 2012

Its been A while.... Acck

I have been horrible this month with blogging.  We had bri's 8th b-day and out 16th anniversary. I am still looking for work. We are almost out of time so we just might have to give up the house. I dont want too. but you just never know. We are a thousand dollars short a month.  I need a job badly.  Just not sure what we are going to do.  I looked up apts yesterday and if we move we are still screwed because we are still 300 dollars short a month.  It sucks dick really.

We are in our third quarter of college. I got stuck with Trig this quarter. Its killing me already and its only our second week.  I just keep telling my self only a few more weeks and you dont have to worry about it anymore.  Just keep plugging along.  I should be studying my opposite over hyptonuese.  or what ever you spell it..

Anyway I was hoping to have some good news for you all. Jeff took vacation during our break between classes.  We went to the Milwaukee Zoo and then to a place called Heritage Hill here in Green Bay. I will try to get both posts up in the next few days. i can put Zoo pix here. The Heritage Hill post will have to wait. Its a post in itself.  Its an amazing place.

We took Jeff and Doug out to what is called Wequiack Falls for Fathers day and had a picnic.  We had hamburgers, brat burgers, a macaroni salad with mayo, cheese chunks, and ham and oh yes dont forget the frozen peas. it was good.  I didnt get any photos of us at Wequiak Falls this time around.  But there is always next time.  it was a beautiful day and glad we got out. We got out three times while jeff was on vacation and it was wonderful.  I will have to put up another post on the Zoo there are just that many pix.  This was the beginning of our day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I feel old..

HI there peeps. I feel old lately. There are kids I baby sat graduating from High School this year. The 2012 there were graduating.  Yikes.. Then in my own house hold we had a b-day this month.  Brianna turned 8 years old on June 2nd.  Jeff and I celebrated 16  years on that day also.  Yikes.. Bri asked for  a carebear cake for her b-day. We couldnt afford to buy her one specially made so we made a home made one. Here are the pics. Briancas BF said we needed both cakes but didnt.  So we told Bri she was getting a cake with care bear bellies instead.  lol.  It was funny. but the only thing she could say when she saw the home made bear was WOW... Then on Sunday we went for a hike and these are the photo's I took. Not many this trip.But have more pix for another post on the sanctuary later on in the week.