Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lots and Lots of stuff going on here....

Hi all I have been telling you all I have lots of stuff going on. Well I do.  I graduated as I told you in my last post. I almost walked out of my Bachelors Degree because I just couldn't focus on school and my job. Well Sunday at 10:52 AM I texted Jeff and asked him how mad he would be at me I walked off the job. Well he wasn't happy but he said if it made me happier I could do as I wanted to. So I clocked out and came home. I have been truly happy for the last few days. i have been smiling and spending time with my babies that I just couldn't do while working 13 hour days. and I decided to stay in school. I also might have a job in the field next week. Just waiting to see what happens with the Temp agency i am working with. 

We got our trailer house we have been waiting on. Our house for closed and they sold it back to the bank and we have to move. They wouldn't work with us to save the damned thing but we started looking for a trailer house about two months ago when Jeff go this new job in his field of study. He went into Electronics and then when he graduates in December here he wants to go back for a year and a half again too and go for the programming degree they have. it wont be a bachelors degree but he will have two associate degrees. that is just as good as having a bachelors degree i have been told.

I have arthritis in my pointer finger and my middle finger on my right hand. I can barely move the middle one some days. Its hard to write and crochet and do other things.  We are still home schooling the girls. They still love every minute of it. They are growing up to quickly.  I have more photo's for you here in this post that I took while the girls were gone in September. 

I am still a diabetic but keeping my blood sugars under control and I have lost 25 pounds since last December when i found out i was a Diabetic.  I am still trying to lose more weight as of now. I have been active around the house trying to get things packed up. I still have the livingroom today for the most part of what needs being packed. Or what i can pack.

So alot going on right now and I need to get my photos in here and get to my chores before leaving for school tonight. I have to bring Jeff some dinner at the school because he wont have time to come home and eat and then leave again....

thes next three photos are just parts of the trails we walked on. a beautiful day to be our and about.

this one i took my camera and put the lens through the fence to get this one nice and clear.

these last four photos are just awesome.. this is the closest they have ever been to me while taking photos.

Monday, October 7, 2013

I am finally a college GRADUATE!!!!!!

Hi guys and gals. I have been missing in action again for a while and just havent gotten to posting anything. I have lots of pix to share and my life with you. But afraid to share in case potential jobs find me on the internet.  Its scary from what we have been told. We have been told that some jobs require us to open up our Face Book accounts for them to see what we post and such. I will not be opening my FB account for anyone anytime soon. Even if it means I don't get the job. but here are some photo's of graduation.

the room the school rented for graduation. this was before the ceremony.

me in my cap and gown waiting for the photographer to take the group photo.

our practice run before the actual ceremony.

me with my program chair.  she is really sweet.

right as the actual ceremony started.  the girl you see right there by the edge of the front of the pix. she had just had her baby two days before hand. i call that tough and wanting to get her degree.

the last stage of graduation is getting our covers to our diplomas which will be here shortly in the next week or so.