Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Other Night

Hi peeps. I was going to bed Thursday night and I gave everyone hugs and kisses like I normally do and put the girls to bed and layed down myself.  I have been sleeping with teddy bears lately to keep me company utnil Jeff comes to bed. Then they get put on the floor when he comes to bed..

But Thursday night I went to bed and I shut the door most of the way and Snowie came in to sleep with me until Jeff came to bed.  But I layed on my side facing his side of the bed and felt Snowie come into the bed room and up on the bed. She snuggled and got comfortable. Then I closed my eyes and all I saw was me hitting the first car. I opened my eyes readjusted Snowie and I and I closed my eyes again and it felt like someone hit me from behind and I was on the bed. I actually left the bed about 2 inches.. 

We have some bad news but Jeff thinks we can still fix it. According to Gandrud the place we bought the Sebring from says its totalled but Jeff thinks he can find someone to fix it for us..  I am not so sure this time because of me. 

He bought us another car last night..  Its a 2004 Pontiac Sunfire. Its a two door but we dont need anything bigger really right now. Just enough to get me to work and us to school..  I will take Tys camera and take photo's later.. I still havent found the ones i wanted for here earlier last week.. maybe I will go look before posting this one.. Its my new bedroom set and our afghan that isnt going to get finished for a while now that I hurt my dang finger.. lol..

I tried something interesting with the girls just now. I made a package of hotdogs, had a half can of chili in the fridge and macaroni.. Mixed them with cheddar cheese. YUMMY. Wish we would have had more chili though.. but its good. I drained the macaroni about half way to spread out the chili.  I get funny cravings once in a while and then test them on the kids.. lol.

Ok peeps. I am going to go eat something for  late lunch with hubby and then we have a few places to go today. I will be around tomorrow or later today..Nicole..


  1. So you fell asleep while driving and had an accident?

  2. Did you have a car accident?

    I hope they can fix your car and the new one works out.