Friday, December 16, 2011


Hi peeps.. To answer your questions.. Yes I was in a car accident.  I have photos but they are on my phone and I dont have the cord i need to transport them.  I wasnt hurt thankfully. But the car is totalled.  We had  to get another car. With school and work we needed a car.  Wish I could get those photos up here..

Some lady stalled out on the highway and I was trying to get into my lane and there she was..  I tried to stop  but couldnt.  Then the lady behind me said all she saw was my brake lights.  It was scary.  But we are ok.

This post was started a few days ago. i am fed up with work.. i want to quit but there is nothing out there right now and I dont have time after work to look. I may call around on Monday and see what is out there.  I am fed up with everything I do is being wrong.. I have passed my work approvement plan but now she is just being a snag again.. I dont know how to please her. 

Today all I had was a t-shirt with some very tiny holes in it and my sweatpants..Well when we left today she kept me behind to tell me not to wear my sweats or my holy shirt any more..  Welll GOSH DAMN IT!!! I am trying.. What else does she want me to do. I have done everything else she wants me to do and once in weeks I wear sweats and a holy shirt..  Fuck this place. I can do better but need time.  I need full time work but I am sick and tired of being up her ass lately.

We have been dealing with Fleas lately because the girls decided to play with a stray cat outside over halloween. We just figured out where they came from. Its horrifying.  My poor furry child.  She has been itching since then because of my girls..  I WANT TO SCREAM AND CRY.. I am so sick of everything right now.  I was going to upload some pix for you about my new bedroom set but i cant get them to upload. Blogger is being a bitch now.  I have to go get Jeff. I will be back later on if I have time. I have to do some home work tonight too  yet. We have class tomorrow morning..


  1. Take a deep breath, and get a good night's sleep. Hopefully you'll have more energy to deal with it tomorrow.

  2. This to shall pass ! or so they keep telling me ! Prayers ! and VV right on !