Saturday, December 24, 2011

Not in the Spirit This Year

Hiya peeps. I am not in the x-mas spirit this year. I am not sure if its because of everything going on or just because. but I did not put up a tree or my home decorations. We got the girls some gifts but no tree to put them under this year.  I just havent been feeling it this year like the x-mas spirit is here this year.

I want to do some really neat stuff with the house next year but this year it just isnt in the heart of things.  Blame who ever and what ever but I just aint into it. the girls didnt get much and I have no camera to show you all photo's of them. 

Girls are outside making a fort right now. We finally go some snow. We got some snow a few days ago but go more last night. It was nasty. We werent suppose to get what we got.  The girls were looking forward to going out to his moms house but the new car we bought wont make it that far and back.  its a good in town car but it wont handle the highway.  oh well it happens..

I did something cool for Brianca for x-mas. We had a photo of all five of us taken back in August and I signed up for Walmarts photo  thing on line and I had them scan that photo onto a blanket for her, for x-mas. Its so cool and I am having a hard time not just letting her have it before tomorrow. 

I love x-mas the lights and the trees but this year with everything going on and such I just havent been in the mood.  I will snap out of it next year. I want to go and get a tree when they go on sale this week.. Walmart had some really pretty white ones. I want a white one with pretty colored lights next year.  I think it puts off more of the ornaments you use than a green one.  Its a personal opinion.

I have some beautiful ornaments and I want to put them on a white tree next year. I want to make some more for a tree next year too. I have a whole year to do that now.  But with school also its hard to have any me time. I should be doign home work now but need a break for an hour or so.  I am still not done with our blanket i am making for our bed.  lol.

That is our new bed too with the night stands.  Sorry about the mess. I was in the process of cleaning that day. but that is as far as the blanket is.  OK peeps I have to go get some housework done. I will try and make rounds later on..

Merry x-mas everyone. Hope  you have a safe day tomorrow and a happy New Year if I dont make another post before than..


  1. I love the headboard! The blanket looks like a lot of work. Hope you begin feeling better.

  2. Merry CHristmas My Dear!
    please remember
    the spirit of Christmas isn't about the tree
    or whats under it
    it's about the love in your heart for your family & friends.
    Merry Christmas !

  3. Merry Christmas! Sorry that you aren't in the mood this year - I rarely desire all the extra work but do it anyway. I did escape one year - and one year I did not put up a tree - we were given a huge poinsettia so we put the gifts around that instead.

    Have some relaxing downtime and perhaps you will be rejuvenated for the New Year.

  4. Sorry I didn't get here to wish you a merry Christmas earlier. I do understand about not being in the mood though. I was more into it all this year than others, but sometimes it's hard to get motivated to do stuff for just one day!

    Thanks for your support this year!

  5. Some years it is hard to get "in the mood"...I understand. I was very late getting in the Christmas spirit---and what with Sweetie still in the Hospital and so many unknowns regarding his condition---Well, I'm pretty much a wreck.
    I hope you get your White Tree---it sounds nice.
    A HAPPY NEW YEAR to You & Yours, my dear. I hope 2012 will be the BEST year, ever!!!!

  6. I her ya hun this time of year can be hard. The photo blanket sounds so cool! I love the blanket your making :). HUGS