Tuesday, October 9, 2018

confused... life is a bitch sometimes..

Morning to all some where in the world.  I have been interrupted in life with some news I don't know how to deal with I guess.. Jeff says I am letting it get to me. Maybe I am but I need to vent and of course cant say what I want on facebook.. I love my dad. I miss my mom terribly. I love my little family I have been blessed with.

Anyway my dads girlfriend posts on my daughters fb page to have me call dad. I think the worst of course. Naww dad is fine.  He's healthy and still working.   But when he was 22 years old he dated this woman and you guessed it.. She got pregnant and he didn't know the baby existed. He found out two to three weeks ago.  She is now 51 years old. My dad is 73 or74.. I have lost track...

I  am feeling jealous slightly.  I am afraid hes going to see that he has biological children and doesn't want me around anymore. He adopted me from my dad when I was three.  I  have been daddies little girl for 42 years now.  I know he has two other children but I have known about them all my life. They don't threaten me in or make me feel insecure like this new person does.

What oh what to do. Dad wants us to go home to MN for x-mas. Waiting for Jeff and I to be able to request days off. Walmart the store manager can clear those days off for me but not my direct assistant. I want to meet this new person but also very nervous.  I have talked to her on facebook messenger. she seems nice enough.

anyway midnight ramblings again. Jeff and I are taking the girls to shell Lake WI this coming weekend.  We get to go on  a train ride to see all the fall colors. I cant wait. Then we are planning on going to the beach to watch the  sun set. Wish I could get my new camera by then but we don't have 300 dollars...LOL...Yes I said three hundred dollars for a camera...  Its an amazing camera. Jeff says I can have it for xmas.

OH my oh my Bri went to her first home coming dance this last Saturday. she looked beautiful. I do not have the pix uploaded to my computer yet.  I only got a couple pix. But that is enough.  She is just like her mama though.. but I don't like makeup and she does.

I guess I need to get to bed. I have to stay up for a bit tomorrow and take bri to school. she only has s one class now since she dropped her all girls choir class.  she felt she wasn't fitting in.  kind of disappointed but I guess I can see where she is coming from. anyway night to my friends who still read. Miss you all...


  1. NBRSSPOT. First of all Hello again , I notice a couple of blogs on your list which have been around quite awhile. And thank you for calling on my blog .
    It would seem some long unknown or forgotten Relatives are emerging from the woodwork so cause a disruption within the order of thins relating to good order within the tribe,, Must be a trifle disturbing to say the least, However, I sincerely hope all turns out well in the end , Good Luck. Say hi to your girls. and the man in your life. Ta for now VESt.

  2. Vest life has taken its turns on me. I am still married to the one and only. he bought me new rings again tonight. he is my rock.. I don't know what to do with out him.