Friday, April 27, 2018

where has three years went

I just realized i havent posted anything in three years.  holy rumbles... I havent been doing much lately with life. I am still crocheting but not much social stuff.  I work full time at Wal mart. My days off are spent with the girls. They are now 13 and 17.  Kora is studying for her GED.  Bri is in 8th grade this year. Still home schooling them.  Jeff is with a great company.  He works for a company that  makes hand held x ray machines.  I have seen the product kinda. Really cool. 

I havent been told by the girls that either one of them hate me directly  yet but still waiting on that phase  of life.  Kora has told  us she doesnt want to finish growing up. So to me that is close enough to be told  I am hated...LOL..I have pix of the girls but nothing on the computer yet.  I  have them all on my phone yet. I am lazy when  it comes to transferring them. 

My mom will be gone 4 years May 3rd already too. I  cant believe life has taken us this far.  I miss blogging but I always forget to come visit. I hope some of my friends see this at least. I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a while. I dont have to leave for work for about half hour so I thought I would let everyone know I am still around some where..

I will be back late this week with updated photos of everyone. I promise.  Its just hard for me to remember everything. Talk at you all later.  Nicole...

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