Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Faithful Pet

Hi there. Our faithful pet has gone bonkers with the nice weather.I have the front door open with the screen door window open and she has gone bonkers with playing and running through the house.. She loves when I start opening the windows.. 

Can anyone of you who have read my blog for the last so many years believe our faithful pet is already three human years old?? She turned 3 March 10.  And she is still as spry as a newer kitten is when they start getting playful.. LOL..

Oh dont let me forget to tell you she doesnt take lightly to us forgetting to give her, her Friday treat. Her can of soft cat food.. I need to go do that  here in a minute or  I will have a very pissed off fury child..  she is just as spoiled as the other two. 

Well here are some photo's if I can get them to load.. I know I still need to get photo's of our new bikes out too.. I will do that here in a few minutes but you wont see Jeff in photo's with new bikes.. I will just take photo's of our new bikes..  Talking about bikes that is what we should do when jeff comes home. go for a small ride.  Still adjusting my butt to the seat but getting better. Not as sore the last time we rode. 

I finally figured out how to get more than one photo out at a time.. I was having a hard time yesterday getting one photo than another. I figured out with this template you have to do it all in one box. 

Ok anyway that is what I am thinking today. Talk to you all soon..


  1. She's cute. Our cat curls up like that too, usually in a box, the smaller the better.

  2. What a darling cat she is---Really Beautiful. I just love all the wonderful positions that cats can get into; I wish I could curl up like that,! I also wish I could stretch my back the way they are able, too.....!

  3. Looks like one comfy kitty to me! ha. Lovely Kitty Kat! Thanks for sharing!