Wednesday, April 27, 2011


HI my friends.  We had a quiet Easter. We couldnt go to his mothers house this year. We just couldnt afford it.  but we had the usual, ham and such. then we had a little easter Egg Hunt for the girls. We dont eat hard boiled Eggs here but we did buy some plastic eggs and we lost one.. LOL.. yes that means we cant find it..

The girls got mixed chocolates, jelly beans, and smarties.  I didn't take any photo's of them searching and they didn't dress up since we didn't go anywhere. We stayed home and the girls played outside while I sat and just relaxed and slept before work of course.. LOL. It seems I am always sleeping but its working out for us.

Life in the R household is whacked out sometimes.. It was at least 60 degrees on Sunday and Kora got her first sunburn.. Not real bad. Just around her shoulders and some of her neck. And all Bri got was her tip of her nose.. Its amazing to know how different they are. but they both tan after getting burned once or twice. I still don't tan well after all these years.. Now Jeff on the other hand.. He tans. 

Oh off the topic we think we are seeing improvement on his psoriasis. We bought him some Vitamin B5 about two weeks ago and it has seemed to be helping. The sores on his legs seem to be getting lighter and have have healing lines in them.  So we are hoping this maybe the cause of his sores.. something to do with something misfiring and to much stress at the same time.. And Vitamin B5 is suppose to help control that from what I have been told by him. So lets just hope this is what he has needed.

Well I suppose always something to do and I need to go wash a couple loads of laundry before I go in tonight.. They seem to be steady at work. It seems I am always working and no play. but that is the life an adult.  Well most adults.  lol. OK OK I am off. Talk to you all soon.. Hopefuly to make rounds this weekend sometime. N..

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  1. Sounds like a great Easter :)

    Ouch to the sunburn :(