Friday, April 15, 2011

I am getting Pissed off at Blogger..

Hi there all. I am getting really pissed off at blogger..  I cant visit half of your blogs because it says windows wont let this or that do its job or what ever the little white box is. So if I dont visit for a while its because my computer or blogger wont let me in.. I am getting just fustrated with all this internet shit lately. 

I have a post I want to do but not sure how to word it yet.  But if I cant visit half my friends I dont know if I want to post it anyway.  I worked two days this week and we are screwed next week when we go to make our mortgage payment..  I hate this shit. I want a good job but there is nothing out there that pays 9.50 an hour full time and 3rd shift right now.  Nothing or no one willing to hire me..  I have applied at our local Wal Marts and for some reason they wont even call for an interview.. 

Oh well. I dont care I guess. I am just saying I am fustrated right now with everything.  I dont know if this problem is an internet problem or computer problem. I suppose I could have Jeff take a look at it and have him tell me what he thinks..

On the bright side of things here is partially what i saw this morning on my way home. I wish I would have had my camera when I walked out of the building this morning. It was so pink. I mean a bright between fuschia pink and some other pink..

So enjoy the photos and have a wonderfl weekend my friends.. I hope to be around tomorrow sometime.. I got most of my cleaning done today. Even with me getting up at 2:30. I hate sleeping all day but hey it keeps us from paying a babysitter.. I have the girls doing small chores while I sleep. they are to clean there rooms and keep the movies put up if they watch one in our bed while I sleep.  Then we are working on home work when I wake up.. so always doing something.. they even still get outside time most of the time with this schedule. anyway here goes FUSTRATED to finish making meatballs and mashed pots for dinner with gravy and maybe green beans.


  1. If there is an employment centre around, maybe they can take a look at your resume and maybe give you some tips to improve it. Perhaps there is something you don't realize is putting employers off.

    I don't know how you manage working at night and still home schooling the girls. I'd be a wreck.

  2. It's so difficult to remain positive when there seems to be so much to drag us down. At least you're venting and this is important to do. Hang in there. Yes, refine your resume down to one page if possible. If you like or can, convo me on etsy the specific "error" messages you're receiving and maybe I can help determine if is blog or your puter.

    You try to have a good weekend and see ya round the chatsy neighborhood.

  3. Life sounds very frustrating for you these days....I hope things improve very quickly, my dear. These are suchj hard times for so very many people. I'm sorry they are so incredibly hard for you and yours...!

    Just read the comments about your Resume....Maybe refining it would help. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, my dear.

  4. Thanks for visiting one of my blogs, I'm away on vacation at the moment, but when I return home I'll have more time to check yours out!

    *Waving at Naomi above!*

  5. Sorry to hear that Blogger has been giving me some problems too :(.

    Love the pictures.

  6. Sounds like it's pretty tough right now Tweets - have things improved a bit since this post? I've been too sick to make the rounds, but I'm catching up now... hope you guys are ok.

    From your newer posts sounds like your work has gotten busier, that should help with things hopefully.

    Take care,