Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some Geekiness

Alrighty peeps.. I have some geekiness made for you.. I  have been thinking about this for awhile now and it finally came into reality over last weekend and I just finally got it listed here on etsy.. 

Here comes my newest invention of Cat In The Hat.  Its  a biminy blue and white. It is for the child at heart,  geek that just wants something different or the child that just cant live with out there favorite book..

I want to add more photo's but it wont let me for some reason. Damned computer. We have been having computer troubles the last few days and I am ready to throw the damned thing out the window

But anyway I was looking at if you dont want it up like that you could also fold it in half..  I have a photo of it like that but I cant upload it for some reason..

I have a coffee brown and a warm brown hat made also. Not sure if I can up load that one either.. I just hate when I have computer problems and trying to do something.  Let me see what I can do about uploading one more photo for viewing pleasure..NOPE Damned computer wont let me upload anymore photo's right now.. I am not real happy.. I will keep you posted on if I can get something else uploaded or not. I may have to come back in later and up load it.

I hate changes esp after I get used to something and now this is just fustrating me until I get the hang of it.  So bare with me here my friends.. I dont have to work tonight.. They have work but just not set up.  That is what they must be doing today and part of tomorrow. 

Well anyway I am off to do what ever needs to be done. I will clean tomorrow since I will be able to get up earlier and clean than sleep till almost 3PM..  LOL..  I will catch you turkeys later..LOL..

Enjoy the photo while I figure out how to upload more of them. N..

.Ok here is my other hat I was trying to post earlier.. Just computer problems and it might take a while to get some things on here.. I hate this.. I hate having problems.. enjoy again.


  1. There's not enough child in me for the blue one, but I think the brown one is beautiful! Good luck with the Etsy sales. Have a great weekend!

  2. VV thanks.. I have more coffee brown and warm brown if you wanted a scarf or another I am working on a matching scarf for the hat but havent had time really.