Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is it Spring or Winter And Other tidings at the R household.

We have went from Spring back to Winter again in one damned Day..  Yuckie.. It is snowing again today and we are suppose to get like 6-10 inches again today into tomorrow.  I am so ready for spring. I have a slight cold but not complaining one bit. but they wonder why people are getting sick!!!

We have went from thunderstorms and tornadoes to another white out.. This sucks royally.. I cant take any more of mother nature not knowing what she wants done this year.. Then we are suppose to have thunderstorms again at the end of the week again.. I dont get it. 

I remember right before jeff and I moved away from my home town the winter before was 30 Degrees F almost all winter long and that was a heat wave there.. I mean come on and now its been kind of shitty ever since that time.

It has been a decent winter this winter but lots of snow. I mean we have gotten almost 12 feet of snow here total this winter. 

I feel sorry for the turtles we saw just a few short week ago or so. Now they have to go back under water and wonder what is going on.  I feel for the animals..  I mean the robins and bluejays who have made there way back.. I  havent seen any yet but if they have will they freeze not being used to the cold weather and then the warmer weather.

We bought our bikes a month ago and have been able to ride them twice because of the damned weather. Its either been to damned chilly or too wet or just too plain assed snowy outside.  I am so looking forward to beign able to ride them.. When Gas goes to over 5.00 dollars a gallon Jeff and I have a plan. We are going to park the car in the garage and ride our bikes when we have to go someplace and ride the bus system again everywhere. 

Gas is 3.89 a gallon here already. Its going up slowly and I dread the day I see it go up to over 4.00 dollars. I just dread that day.  Our ecomony sucks right now and I am so sick and tired of it. I want things back the way they were but I know they wont go there. We are almost broke as an ecomony.  What happens when the world in itself goes broke?? Or just the United States?? then we get owned by another country and does that mean learning another language because I am not interested really. I would be screwed royally. 

Lots of scary thoughts out there.  I am not saying we are going to go broke but you just never know.  I heard Obama's going to run again for a second term.  I am not sure how I feel about that.  I mean come on what is he really doing? I dont know but its fustrating really. 

Well I suppose. I need to do somethings before jeff comes home from work and then I need to get ready some what myself. Life goes on even with a snow storm outside our livingroom window right? lol.  OK OK I am off. Happy Tuesday everyone..


  1. M was telling me about your weather last night as she sent a sarcastic text to her sister about needing to turn on the A/C here. We'll be over 80 degrees today. It's very humid out though and will drop back to the 50s tomorrow. I sent you a package on Monday. It's supposed to be there in a week. Let me know when it arrives.

  2. I hope the snow was short-lived. I'm in Canada so it could snow here in June. It's not optimal, but it happens. Hope you got stuff done despite the snow-storm-blahs!

  3. Oh girl the gas thing is freaking me out too! The bike's are a great idea :)

  4. Gas is over $4. here now----the cheapest gas you can find is $4.17...but I understand that is VERY hard to find....It is more like $4.35 most places, from what I am told, and going up every day.....!
    As to Obama....he is doing the best he can given the opposition of the Republicans. In my humble opinion, we will be in deeper doo doo with any Republican. All they are interested in is SELF-INTEREST and helping the rich! THAT is not good.
    I cannot believe the weather, everywhere....Tornedo's, more snow, cold, etc....And then, all of a sudden it is very very warm. I need my Heat and my Air Condioning ALL in the same day.....UGH!

  5. The NEWS just came on and said Gas was now $4.49 and in some places it is OVER $5 PLUS---most likely going to $6 in short order, by Summer....!!!
    $5.21 in Beverly Hills, right now!!!!!!!

  6. The weather here in the UK is so hot which is unheard of at this time of the year.

    The economy sucks everywhere it seems. Worrying times indeed.