Monday, April 11, 2011

First Hike 2011

Hi my friends Boy was it wet out today. It April 10th and we have storms everywhere around us today. We had some nasty ones last night before Jeff and I went to bed..

this video you will have turn up your speakers and listen really closely because of the crunching of our feet.  I couldnt see the birds to take photo's of so I took video of them talking to each othe and there beautiful noises they make in the wild.. I hope you can hear what we heard out in the trails yesterday  Sunday April 10th, 2011. 

There we tornado's up the yang yang here last night. Jeff saw one that wasnt on the ground when he took me to work last night. I didnt feel safe to drive myself so I had him take me to work.  I felt safer with the car in the garage with all the wind we were having after the storms passed.

Other wise life here is good.. I have been working 4 days a week sometimes five for the last few weeks now..  They have to put more products on the machines and sometimes it takes them more time then they expect so I end up not working.. it sucks really..  but nothing I can do about it.  I take what they offer.

Its hard sometimes looking at what my check each week will be and figuring out what to do with it.  Was hoping for a full check this week because our mortgage is going to be a few days late but oh well. We will figure it out like we normally do..  anyway this was a post about our first hike.

We didnt see to many animals this hike. I think it was to chilly yet.   We saw and walked through many water puddles. Well it was dry the first half of the hike and then we were in about half way and we decided to keep going. So thankfully I had my steel toed shoes at home for work last night. 

Yayy video one uploaded...This second video is of some frogs. We couldnt see them but you could hear them really well..  It was a cool shot I thought anyway.. Sometimes we hear things I cant describe to you out on our hikes and these two video's were of those times.. The first was of birds calling.. Just amazing but you can hear our feet crunching really bad too. So hopefully I caught the most part of what I was trying to get out.

We were hoping to see more snakes and frogs out on the trails sunning themselves but it must have been a bit to chilly for them to come out yet.. I am hoping we can get out again next weekend.. I dont know if it will be any warmer but Jeff said something about snow on Friday again.. Yuckie.  I am so ready for the warmer air.  I have my front door open letting in the evening breeze  while the girls are outside playing.

Well video's uploaded. I am hoping you all can view them.  Have a wonderful few days until I can come up with my next post. 


  1. Tornado season is the worst part of spring. :(
    Beautiful photos, though! I looove the one of the girls in front of the old farm equipment. You could frame that.

  2. SME yes i am considering that one.. I love the one of each of them to. I am having a hard time deciding to both of them or just the one of both of them.. There are other things back along the trail that amaze me..

  3. Looks kinda like "mud season" in Vermont. I like the old plow in those first pictures and the ice on the water. I could hear all the birds in the video. Everything is waking up for Spring.

  4. Yes it is.. It was a beautiful day and most of the hike was beautiful but a little wet the last half. lol..

  5. Tweets, did you get my e-mail about the yarn?

  6. Those are some great great shots, Tweets.

    I love them.

    It looks like you and the girls are enjoying nature, which is great, spring is here!! Woohoo.

  7. What great pictures! Nature is so beautiful in all ways and a little scary in some too.