Thursday, April 14, 2011

I forgot the Turtle PHOTO's...

I cant believe I forgot the turtle photo's..  Its just plain stupid of me..  There werent as many out as we thought there might be but they were under the water swimming around.  You could see the ripples where they were.  Some came up to get a breath of air and right back down again. So here are the few I did get sunning themselves.. they are just unusual animals..  Its hard to believe they live under the ice and water all winter long and then in spring summer and fall they live in both areas.  They are amazing creatures. Anyway hope you enjoy the photo's. Other wise right now they just look like muddy water with nothing in them.. but there are turtles if you look hard enough. I just wish there would have been more of them when we went on sunday. Oh well we can only capture whats out for now..  Happy hump day.

Oh before I forget Jeff turned 34 yesterday..  he had a rough day at work and we are going to make him a special dinner this weekend if I have enough money.. He wants Spaghetti Pie.. I will eat it because that is what he wants.. 

you might have to look really hard to see the little guy or girl but he/she is there.  it was sort of under water when I took the photo of it.

this one was taken while going over the Fox River and we are about 117 feet off the water and where the boats and ships can go under us.. that is one of the ships at the loading docks.. One of the bigger ones I have seen in a while. I hate going over the bridge. I hate heights..


  1. Hey - I finally added you again - I hadn't realized I'd forgotten to do that when I first popped over after you changed your site. Sorry.

  2. Jeannie that is ok. I understand.. Its not easy keeping track of all your friends..

  3. I'm afraid I cannot see them...Shoot! I love Turtles. I think they are such incredible creatures....!

  4. OOLTH you would have to enlarge them.. they are there but not as many to see.. So its harder to see them on the one log. I am sorry for that.. I will try and get better photos next time.

  5. It is sooooo good to read you again!!! Bookmarked the site so I won't lose you. MWAH!