Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Broken Hearted....

Hi all.. I am broken hearted in many ways right now.. I  can take photo's but have no way of getting them onto the computer. I can take them with my phone but dont have the adapter to get them onto the computer and to use just the memory card I need to upload some software.. No thank you..Or wait for Briancas BF to bring me his old adapter for his old samsung... I am so sick of waiting..

I found out that there is no way to get my camera clean unless you take it apart and the place that can do it doesnt touch Kodak cameras.. 

I threw a fit last night..  Does anyone remember me telling you all I had a plan with this many people living in my house and we all had chores... Well guess what none of those chores have been met except for right before Briancas BF comes to visit.. i work outside the house and come home and have to clean too.. I dont ever come home to a clean kitchen or a clean livingroom.. I know my livingroom is cluttered because of my crocheting but still..

I am one fustrated person right now.. I want to scream and yell and just send everyone away.  then everytime Ty and Brianca have time together they leave.. I just came in at 3:30 and they were walking out the door like they had it planned that they didnt want to be  here with me.. I dont care if they dont want to be here..  What ever.. I give up. I am broked hearted though. 

I cant think of the name of it but Brianca is one of those people who cant live with out sex!!! and she is sleeping with Ty and her BF from appleton..  He came up this last weekend with his 18 month old daughter.  It was ok.. I didnt have to do anything. I sat on my butt for three days..  He bought Pizza Friday night and then Saturday he bought some of those crockpot meals you buy out of the meat department..  but when he left I had a kitchen to clean.

I dont care what a person does.. But my girls are asking way to many questions.. They want to know why they are spending so much time together and then trying to explain to them its none of there business.. But its there house too.. Anyway I am trying to stay out of it..

Briancas BFs little girl is so far behind.. She sat in her walker all weekend and watched movies.. She is walking and she is only doing the army crawl..  She can sit up on her own and then he lets her snack all day long.. And wonders why she wont eat dinner when its time.. DAHHHHHH !!!!!

Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you all my great news.... I have been meaning to tell you all for about two weeks now.. You all know this job I have. Well i was working as a perm temp employee.. Well two weeks ago tomorrow I got a letter in the mail telling me they hired me permanantly.. I lose a dollar in the transaction. but at least its stability.. I hope!!!

I get my benefits right away too.. they start in December for me.. I am going to get vision and dental for me and the girls and he will cover us with health insurance through pomps.  so we have it all covered now.. I get 20 hours of vacation if i make it till january 18th with out calling in and if i make it one full year till july 18,2012 with out calling in i get 40 hours of vacation pay..  and then if i make it a full two years with the company i get two weeks vacation pay and so forth on the down the road..

I am so proud of myself..  anyway that is whats been going on here. I have been in an emotional state again with a lot of things going on here..  but its all taken care of. i try not to talk to much because hubby does read my blog sometimes..

My wittle family is sick but me.. Knock on wood.. I dont want what they seem to have.. No thank you.. but again I am gone. Talk soon.. Have a wonderful rest of the week..


  1. Sure sounds like there is a lot going on over there... positive news on the job front! So glad it comes with good benefits for you and the girls :)

  2. Congratulations on being made permanent. I'll bet that's a great relief. As for the other, I don't know what these guests are contributing financially to the household, but whatever it is, it's not worth your piece of mind. You shouldn't be cleaning up other people's messes. Also, if your kids are asking questions, the environment of your household has obviously changed, and not for the better. I would suggest having the guests move out and reclaim your home.

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  4. If the girls are asking questions, then Brianca should respect your home and be a little more discrete if they want to keep staying there.

    I wish I had advice on how to get others to do their share - I've never managed to get anyone to help out.

  5. Congrats on your job!!! hope things get better at home!!!

  6. I'm sorry girlie that you're having probs with your house guest :(. And having to clean after working all day is a real pain in the butt!

    Yeah on the job, sorry you lost a dollar though but yeah to benefits :)

  7. I hope things are better at home. I agree with Jeannie, Brianca and company MUST respect your home and be discrete around the lil ones. Congrats on the job status change and just keep your chin up! All The Best :o)

  8. Hi Tweety, where have you been? Two weeks and no post. I hope everything is okay with you.