Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life in the R household

Oh where Oh were to begin.. The drama here you peeps really dont want to hear again. I have been avoiding that topic so there has been no real good posts. I still dont have an adapter for my phone to get my photo's off my phone.. I wish I could upload them from my phone but I dont have a nice phone like that yet..  Anyway.  I am here.. I am ok.. My job is on the fritz and I havent been talking much about that either..  I havent been talking about much lately..

I am getting a new phone tomorrow again with a new plan.  I was given 90 days with the last phone I bought to get in there and work with them to get either Boost or Virgin Mobile.. I am looking at going with boost.. but the owner said if I come back in within 90 days he will completely refund my last phone for me and put that towards a new phone.. so i am looking at gettting a new phone plan tomorrow. Hopefully it will be similar to what I already have.. 

things here have changed since my last bitch session and they are going to change again maybe. I was told yesterday by the supervisor that I did not meet my 90 day review as well as she wanted and she is giving me 30 more days to work on two things and if I dont improve I am being let go from the company.  I am slightly depressed because I go in and I work my ass off for this woman. I am there early every morning, I do the job, I quit talking to everyone. I dont talk unless someone asks me a question lately..  I was told I rolled my eyes at the supervisor two weeks ago. I dont remember doing it. I could have  but didnt mean to do it.  and then just the other day I was told I was laughing or giggling at another employee when she got reprimanded for doing something I have made mistakes doing. But that is where I know I wasnt laughing or giggling at the supervisor. the girl I was working with said something and at that precious moment the supervisor walked over.  So I got yelled at for that.. I was told that when I rolled my eyes at the supervisor she could have let me go at that moment. 

I sometimes feel that they dont want me doing the job I have and if they dont why did they just hire me directly?? I dont get it.  but oh well its over and done with now.

The girls are doing ok.. Kora is still struggling with math and brianna is still struggling with counting money. I have tried to explain it but she wont listen to me..  I want to cry. I did a big no no about a week ago. Briannas ears got infected again where her earring were.. Well Ty told me to take her earrings out for two days.. Well I did.. I went to put the earrings back in and guess what mommy did.. I pushed an earring through a half closed hole. I pushed the earring through thinking it was the skin on the back of her ear. If any of you know what I am talking about you know how much that little skin pops and hurts but this hurt her really bad.. I felt so sorry. She was constantly getting infected with her ears.

Ok peeps I could probably ramble for longer but I have to go get my hubby. I will be back around soon hopefully.. Talk later. Nicole.


  1. Sorry for all the dark clouds you're going through at the moment. I hope all goes well with work and home and you're back on top of things soon.

  2. Hey, I have been so bad at getting to blogs, but lately have been posting a little bit. So Many have changed blogs, addresses, or not blogging, or what - but I've found there's things one just should not talk about on FB - that's the WHOLE WORLD - not just friends - well, I hope the job works out ok - it's a different world now than when I used to work - It seemed to change around 1990 or so - - - - I don't understand really what employers want - it doesn't seem to be so much ability and experience and they are so arbitrary, you never know which way they will swing. Well, I have bronchitis big time, so signing off to lay in floor and watch movies.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the job :(. I hope the next 30 days go better!

    Hope everything goes better at home too.

  4. Are you doing okay? Haven't heard from you in a bit.