Sunday, November 6, 2011

Been MIA.. Sorry my friends..

Hi there. I have been MIA (missing in Action) or more on here.. I have been busy trying to get an order done for a friend of mine. All of you know him.. Zombislayer.. His wife ordered six fall colored placemats and four hotpads and six more bookmarkers from me.. 

Also my mother in law kind of showed me how to make crocheted octopusses.  She just told me how to make them and I did them on my own but they turned out really cute.. I am using Ty's camera for listing my items in my shop.. I havent taken any photo's of the girls as of  yet..

I got my furry baby sick..  She is itchy in the neck so I called the vet and the receptionist told me to give her some benadryl but didnt tell me to use childrens  benadryl.  she just said human benadryl.. So I went and got some and gave her half a tablet and she got really sick. So I called the vet back that night on Thursday and left a message.. 

Well they called back but the only problem with that is, is that brianna answered the phone.. She was making appts for the cat..  So I had to do animal control when mom got home from work on Friday..  Yikes.. But they straightened everythign out and we have her on childrens benadryl for three days..  She still foams at the mouth because she gags on it.. I have considered watering it down once and see what happens to her. But the vet thinks she has come down with an allergy.  I dont want to bring her in quite yet so I am trying home remedies first.  With her gagging she isnt getting sick she just gags on it at first..

Here is what I have been up to the last few weeks..  If any of you would like your own little item let me know via e-mail. I do ship internationally.. I will hopefully have my other items up and running in a bit. I have four more bookmarkers to make. They go for eight dollars a piece and are great because they are washable. If you spill something on them you can just pop them in the washer and dryer instead of throwing them out like most bookmarkers.. The octopusses are all crocheted including there eyes if you want one for a new baby coming along.. I can make them either pinks and blues or one of each color.. Or just your choice of colors.. My holiday place mats are the red, white and green. I am working on getting a set of four in an oval shape.. For me a little harder said than done.. but working on it. 

Ok peeps this is it for now. enjoy and I will try and make rounds later on..  Nicole.


  1. Oh no I hope your little fur baby feels better soon!!

    Love the octopus one too cute!

  2. Glad to see you back. I've been busy too. Not speaking to anyone I've been so busy! Hope your kitty gets better soon.