Saturday, July 30, 2011

Part Two of New Job

Hi there.. Part two of new job.. I am in the new position..I was hired to do this job but had to wait a week or two before going into it.. i am working for Modern Plastics but not for them.. This area we are working for is leased with Georgia Pacific.  GP pays Modern Plasitcs to test there paper and soap dispensers.. We find flaws in the dispensers and then send them back and they rework the work.. They want perfect products and that is what we are testing for. 

We have two people on a machine or dispensner.. One person sits and records problems that arise. And the other person operates the dispenser.. Like one person pulls on the paper for an hour or how ever long it takes to get one roll of paper toweling to go down to the core. We want to see if the paper comes off the roll or if it sticks to the roll. If it sticks we have to document why it didnt come off the core..More than likely with that one there is too much glue on the core.

Then we take and measure the paper too. We have three settings in a dispenser. We do all three settings. Not just the two of us. We take and move around the room all day long.. So i will work with someone on this dispenser and document while he/she tears and then we switch and then we move to another type of dispenser..

There are fork, spoons, and spork dispeners, towel, and soap dispensers from what i am understanding. There might be more but this is the main of our bulk. We can take the spoons and soap home with us with permission from the team leader.. I havent yet but i might sometime..

Its an easy job but sort of boring really.. but i am getting paid to do it and doign well. i havent been good with a ruler but learning each day I have been up there. We have to measure five paper towels and then get an average on how long they are.  Then we have to get a static reading on them also. but in real life someone isnt going to stand in a bathroom and pull on the dispenser for an hour to get all the paper off the core.. But you just never know though really.. LOL.. There have been weirder things happening.

OK OK anyway that is what the new job i was assigned to do is.. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.. We might go and see the Airshow in Oshkosh tomorrow. Not sure yet. Its suppose to be hot and humid and maybe have some storms.. So we arent sure what our weekend will entail with going out. 


  1. I think it is interestimg that they move you around as they do--They obviously don't want people to get too bored, too quickly.
    It is nice to know that they take this much trouble withe their dispensers....!

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL Sunday, whatever you do...! May the storms NOT!

  2. Quality control is important even if it seems boring at times. Also, it's a job and that's very important in this economic climate. Congrats and enjoy.

  3. Doesn't sound too difficult - but I'm sure it could get tedious - and paying attention would be hard. Watch out for repetitive strain injuries - use your opposite hand for testing when you can. (This is probably why they switch up the products too)
    Funny - I figured companies would have to test their products but somehow it never occurred to me that people would have to be paid to do it all day.

    Save money - take the stuff home!

  4. Congrats on new job! I have a friend in Mil. who works ina facotry too...and it turns out she really likes it. She thought it would be depressing but it's actually decent.

    I hope they take care of you and you have fun doing some work! Work is good!

  5. I'm glad you have found something full time Tweets, sounds like they've got enough to keep you busy there :)

    Enjoy your weekend too,


    (from 'knock, knock' but using my 'other' blog at the moment :)