Sunday, July 17, 2011

Those of you having troubles commenting

Those of you having troubles commenting on my blog or any one elses for that matter.. I have done some research just now and Blogger has a bug and they are trying to fix it. When  logging in dont hit the keep me logged in button. I was being bounced from my page to the log in page but if you keep from staying logged in it helps. i was able to comment on my own in blog. Something I havent been able to do in weeks now.  i was able to leave feed back with the others that were leaving me feed back.. what a concept huh?? LOL.. Anyway  thanks for being patient with me..

Things are still looking good. I bought two new rulers yesterday and Jeff was showing me how to use them better. I am not very good at using rulers but I want this second part of the job in two weeks so I am going to what I can to learn the ruler measurements.. I will do anything to get into it and be the best candidate for the position..

We havent done anything special lately. Been too hot and just havent felt like getting out.  Its suppose to be miserable here for the next few days.  Until Wednesday at least.. My allergies are killing me. I cant breathe. but I am doing good othewise.

We are going to get the girls school supplies here shortly.. They need notebooks, pencils and such this year an also we need to get out to Barnes and Noble to get there books. I think I might make Kora learn how to crochet this year for her arts class at home.. I want her to enjoy it but maybe half an hour each day. 

Well I suppose I wanted to let you all know about the blogger problem.. This goes for any one elses blog you have to deal with also.. Its just a bug that they are working on..


  1. Blogger is being a right pain in the butt recently. My followers keep disappearing and it's often hard to comment, and I have to reload the page to do it etc.

    I wish we'd get some warm weather here in the UK!

  2. Hi,

    Seem's to be workin fine. Just a note to let you know I've posted some items in my blog so you can see my particular layout. I'm working on yours and hope to have this afternoon. Click on any of the tabs "prints", "collectibles", etc. I've also a "policies" and "contact me" tab. Let me know what you think. You can also convo me. Have a good day and I'll be intouch.


  3. HEY.....Just dropped by to say HI... Found your new addy at my etsy shop....Good to see you are still happily blogging...

  4. Blogger has problems especially with browsers like explorer. People that have embeded comments like you can loose ppl that use explorer because it won't let you comment. I've changed my browser to Google Chrome and have had no problems since then with embeded comments. The pop up is usually best for those who use explorer. This could be the problem you see also.

    Blogger can be a butt ... lol