Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Good News Finally

Well my friends.. I have soon good news finally and hopefully it will last.. I got sick of VPS's shit and started looking for work again.. Well in the mean time a friend of ours worked for this company for almost a year and just quit a few weeks ago.. I texted him yesterday and asked if  hire directly or through a temp service. He said directly.. Well come and behold my luck came in yesterday.. Jeff came home from work really early and I called them to see if they were hiring and they were. So I rushed out there and got there and they didnt have any application in the spot you are suppose to fill them out in. So around the building I go.. I asked the receptionist for an application.. I went back around the building to fill out my application.  While filling out my application the lady sitting next to the room you fill them out peeked her head in and asked me i was interested in first shift..

I said  yes of course and she asked if I had a few minutes when done with my application.. Well of course I had time.. I would make time.. So we talked and got along.. I told the HR that I was working for VPS and through a temp service but my hours were to far spaced to do me any good to help with anything at home. She grinned and said I could have the job if I could start Monday.. I have been wanting to go back to days for a long time now. I have been thinking about this company for a while now and i think it was bout time i applied..

So I took my drug test yesterday. They do a mouth swab instead of a urin test.. That is ok with me because I didnt have to pee at the time anyway..LOL..  anyway I just couldnt help myself with telling my friends.. I am so excited.. Its an easy job to. All I am doing is putting parts in like soap dispensor at restaurants and hand towels dispensers.. if they say Georgia Pacific on them more than likely I put some kind of part in them for you!! and then in two week about she is looking at moving me over to the other building for more permanent work with testing the dispensers.. Like if more how much soap comes out or if to much does how much more than should. Where they can fix it and the towel dispensers.. 

So for the most part is easy. I will need to refresh my math but otherwise I think I can do the job. I was working on that at VPS anyway with my math.. I was working with a ruler checking on the bags to see if the bottoms were to short or to long and what nots. So i was in the process of mastering my ruler side.

OK peeps i have to go shower and start getting ready to get my rear end out of here at 1:00 to be there by 1:30.. I like being early and if i am early it shows that I really want the job. and I DO WANT IT!!!! I want to have permament work instead of this spurodic crap that VPS is giving me.. Toodles everyone.


  1. I AM SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Congrats and best wishes.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS...!!!! I hope this turns out to be a job you LOVE and will stay at for a long time!!!! I am very very pleased for you!

  3. Thanks VV and Oldoldladyofthehills. I am hoping this is my last job too.. I dont want to move again to another job..

  4. Great news!! Good luck with it!

  5. Yeay!! I'm soo happy to hear this! How has it been so far?

  6. CONGRATS my dear!!! That is just awesome, I hope it works out great!