Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Vacation..

It felt nice to look at someone elses four walls. We needed the vacation but the girls are right back at eachothers throats since i walked in the door at 3:30 PM.. Yikes.. but boy do I have something to tell you.. Kora was my baby this weekend. She stayed in the shallow end of the pool and Bri had those wings on her arms.. OK No big deal right but she was jumping off the deep end of the pool and swimming back to the shallow end. The big kids didnt want to play with Kora. They wanted to play with Bri.. LOL.. All Kora did was complain everytime someone suggested she jump with them at the deep end..  I almost pushed her in but didnt want to ruin her weekend with her blubbering worse than she already was..  So I have more photo's of Bri this time around than I do photos  of them together..

Oh yes Fridays clouds to start the weekend off. It was beautiful.. 

kora and bri playing chess Saturday before we could check into the motel.. Yes they were actually playing.

Lobby of the motel we stayed at.. I loved the waterfountains they have out there. Just wonderful.

bri at the deep end of the pool..

bri trying to back float.. but doing pretty good. i think we have a fish on our hands..

oh just love these photo's when I can get them.. when they are mid air like that..

bri jumping  backwards into the deep end of the pool fo rmommy to take photo. 

both girls after swimming and running around all day long.. 

jeff right before his last round..  he got a draw out of this game but should have lost I heard.. i am glad he pulled a draw out though..

the room where they play chess and no talking aloud after the games start. Or alot  of noise I should say..

kora bri and a new friend. I cant remember what her name is.. will ask girls when they come in and edit it.

They had a wonderful time and so did I. I just got to relax and sit in the whirl pool for a bit and do some adult talking and then just me time.. I brought me some yarn and make a bathmit and three facial scrubbies and started on a second bathmit but didnt finish it yet. I will post those in a few days.. The one bath mit is made with 100% cotton and i made it like a mitten with the thumb and everything.. LOL.  The color was called dalmation. Its black and white.. Pretty neat color contrast really..  I am looking at like 13 dollars for the set and 3.00 dollars for shipping.. 

Anyway this is one long post with photo's in the middle of this. if you are still reading I am suprised.. LOL.. Take care my friends..  Have a wonderful next few days..


  1. Looks like everyone enjoyed the weekend. Kids and pools always seem to be a hit.

  2. Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend for all was had. Yes, I too like to capture the kids in action shots as you have and they get a real kick outta seeing themselves. Super post and again glad you all had fun!

  3. Beautiful pix. Isn't it nice to get away, even if for just a couple of days? So what's going on with the new job?

  4. Looks like a great break! Love all the photos in the pool. Seeing the chess shots reminds me of my chess playing days with my brother. Of course he used to beat me every time!

  5. It looks like you had a GREAT time! Great pictures---I too LOVE the one in "mid air"....!