Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Job

Ok peeps I have been slacking on telling about the new job. Its going good. I get to do something different tomorrow I heard but not sure yet.. But what I am doing for the time being is testing some paper towel dispensers. They are taking like 30,000 of them apart and redoing them. Something mehcanical went wrong or something. I am not sure and I didnt ask as I am a new employee..

What I do is the last part before they put the dispenser back in the box. I test the dispenser with paper towels.. You should see the paper towels they waste. I think we can bring the paper home but not sure on that one. I put the battery pack in and the paper towel and then let it do its thing and then run the paper through like if you were loading it.. then i put all the goodies inside and ship it to the guy that is going to box it and put it back on the pallet..

Not a hard job but dont let anyone ever tell you that plastic is light because after about the hundredth dispenser my arms are feeling like they want to fall off. We do about 450 dispensers in a day. There are two of us testing them so dont let that number scare you. 

But I heard something about doing something different tomorrow. I will have to let you know if I got to do something else tomorrow.. i also promised you photo's the next time I blogged.. so here we go. let me get my camera and let one of the girls take some photo's of me..

Ok Ok here we go.

I used 8  3.5 skeins of yarn for my sweater and about half a 7 oz skein..   This little guy here with the bar of soap and three scrubbies used a 2 oz ball of cotton.  My arms on my sweater are a bit big but that is ok.I can wear a long sleeve shirt under it if i desire.  other wise its just more room to move around in.. Anyway that is about it for today. I have to go do a load of laundry and then I have to go get hubby. I hate haveing one car.. LOL..


  1. Congrats on the job. Is it just a temp position?

    The sweater looks great. I crocheted a sweater nearly 30 years ago - my daughter wears it now.

  2. Your job sounds like it is challanging, but good! I wonder what new thing you will be doing tomorrow?

  3. Yeah on the job. Let us know what different things they have you do. Also, GREAT job on the sweater! You're definitely more talented than me.