Thursday, July 14, 2011

Secrets In The Cellar by John Glatt

Hi peeps.. Let me start this post out with that my MIL has gotten me into reading true crime books and I was fascinated with this book here. I had a hard time puttig it down. I wanted to know what happened next. 

The front of the book says A life of lies, A house of Horrors.  Its a case that shocked the world.. 

An Austrian man was left with his own mother at a young age because his father left and as he grew into a young man he had ideas of having sex with his own mother.. Yes what and who would have those thoughts?? I dont know but this man did.. Anyway he grew up went to school for something.. i should have wrote this a few weesk ago when I finished the book..LOL..

Anyway Josef Fritzal found his perfect bride. They had seven children together. He was a man born in the time of the Natzi era and used that and military command over his children when they messed up.. Rosemarie didnt have a say in how they were reprimanded.. They had one daughter that he was just fascinated with out of all the other children.

He seemed to beat her more often than the others and friends of the family swore he didnt like her as well as the others. Well that was the exact opposite.. He started raping Elisabeth when she was 11 years old and continued on until she was 18. 

Well anyway Josef had done some petty crimes in the past while waiting for Elisabeth to grow up like raping a nurse at knife point.  and such other acts of showing himself to other women going into Brothels.  Deamanding the whores to do what he wanted and having sex in the dungeon with him..

In between Josef had put Elisabeth into a course for becoming a professional waitress..  Like a culinary class. But she told one of her friends what had been happening at home and they ran away together but they were found after a few months on the run. 

While Elisabeth was in school Josef worked on getting the cellar ready for his second family that he had dreamed of having. Well the only disturbing part of this is that it wasnt with a stranger. It was with his own daughter.. I dont know how a parent could do this..  Well one day after Josef brought Elisabeth home he asked her for some help to bring down this freezer into the Cellar.. She obliged and when they got down there he chained her up to a pole and raped her repeatedly..

He put this 660 lb door on the cellar entrance.  Rosemarie and Josef rented out rooms in there home and they were over the cellar.. He had some how sound proofed it where the tennants couldnt hear the yelling or screaming of Elisabeth. I have missed many parts of the story. I am not very good at reviewing the book.

I can tell you in person what the book is about but typing it out I am HORRIBLE..

It one of those cant put down books.. I thought so at least.. Josef Fritzal had another family downstairs in the Cellar with Elisabeth..He took three of seven children upstairs. He successfully had his wife believing that Elisabeth had joined a cult and couldnt care for her three children she had supposedly left on there door step.

The other three children were left in the Cellar with Elisabeth. One baby died 3 days after its birth. It was a twin to one of the boys.. In 1994 I believe there oldest daughter Kirsten got sick and started tearing her clothes off and stuffing them in the toilet to clog it up.  Well Elisabeth had begged her father to take Kirsten to the hospital and finally he did get her upstairs and to the hospital.. Almost to late..

I will leave you here and wondering what happened really. Its  a good short read really. Its not that long of a book. but I have no idea what has happened to Josef Fritzal because the book didnt say in the end.. I may have ruined the book for you.

I dont see how a father could do this to his own child unless he was really sick in the head and it seems that Josef Friztal is/was sick in the head.. I dont care what era you were born in.. I mean there were others living in the same era that more than likely had children and didnt abuse there children the way Josef Fritzal did his children..Esp wanting a second family with his daughter.. That is down right Gross to be  honest with you.

On to my second true crime book I am reading A Dance with the Devil.. I am not far enough in to give a review of this book.. bit its another that I am  having a hard time putting down.. Wanting to know more and more of what happens/ed. 


  1. Sounds wonderful I will have to check out :).

    I will have to check out the 2nd book you mentioned also :)

  2. I heard about this when it was on the news. I think he's in prison now.