Friday, July 22, 2011

My girls got a Suprise..

Hi there. My girls got a suprise in the mail today.   they got to use it for about half and hour and decided they were cold. So I told them to keep it up for tonight and it will be nice and warm to use tomorrow when I come home from work..

I sounded grouchier than i was on the vid..I was trying to get them to show me what they could do on it and they were just screwing around and wouldnt listen.. I was trying to be patient but it was hot outside and I hadnt been home long when we set it up and then I had to go get Jeff from work.. So I wasnt really that grouchy.. Just wanted them to slide a couple of times and get it over with. I dont blame them for not using it much yesterday when they set it up. it was cold.. But today its better. it has sat outside all day long and it nice and warm for them..

I will have some awsome photo's on Monday to share with you.. We are going to a local Chess tournament. Havent been to one of those in a few years now.. We have decided to stay at the motel where the tourny is going on. I know I said local but we couldnt pass up the thought of putting the girls to bed and going down tohe casino for a few hours to gamble to see what we can win win win.. LOL..

I got the girls some of those wings I believe they are called. they wanted new tubes but I couldnt find any. So they are stuck with the wings..Bri will be just fine but kora is the my chicken.  I know I know I shouldnt say things like that. Anyway I need to go make dindin.Iam hungry.. I will make rounds here shortly.. Oh Yes I promised you all a photo... Well I cant redo them right now so on Monday when I put up my new post and photo's if I have time I will put up my sweater..  I havent forgotten. Just havent gotten around to doing it yet.. Talk soon..


  1. What a great and fun surprise! The boys would love that :). I don't think you sounded grouchy :)

    The chess tournament sounds like a lot of fun, can't wait to see pics!

  2. I would have loved a slip and slide, a pool, anything when I was a kid. We always had to walk to the town pool or drive to a swimming hole.