Friday, July 8, 2011

Piddles and Puddles..

You know we all look forward to sometime in lives where we have to be careful when we sneeze or cough to hard.. Well think again.. I am only 34 years old and I have been having this problem for about a few months now..  Everytime I sneeze really bad or have allergies and sneeze I piddle my pants.. Thankfull its not enough to make me embarrassed at work but enough to make me know its uncomfortable and wish I would have brought another pair of undewear with me..

I know you are wondering why is she writing this. Is she that bored with life?? No not really. I am bored off my ass but again I am not bored. I have lots of stuff to do and usually cant find the time to do it. but being off work has given me the time to find time again. I worked one day this last week.  We are behind again and cant get caught up until I go back to work. I have considered going to another Temp agency but that means another W-2 at the end of the year.. I was informed this year that the less W-2's you have the better but sometimes I wonder about that..

I do have a few more photo's to share with you guys from Saturday on our way home from this county park we stopped at. We had passed it many times before and finally I broke down and asked Jeff if we could stop.. Its beautiful. It has a small play area, trails I believe, water. Not for swimming I dont think..  Its called Cherokee County Park. I dont feel like looking the link up right now but if you want to look up the park go ahead..  but that is the name of it.  Its a small park from what I saw of it. We werent there long. We wanted to get back on the road and get moving again. 

in here there was  a brick fire place thing for cooking.  just neat..  one of those places like  a pavillion you can have a party in.

kora and bri after we picked them up.. kora wasnt feeling well and complained about being cold..

part of the river outside of the park going over the bridge.

leaving the park back on the main road going back to high way 29.

up around the curve a bit more and getting this shot. sorry if some of them are blurry.

kora finally falling asleep for a bit in the car.  She was so miserable. I felt sorry for her but didnt know what to do besides tell her to sleep it off.

bri the first nigt they were home.. tuckered out from being at grandmas house and finally sleeping alone in her own bed after a week bunking with Kora. those are the quilts my dad made them back in January.

Life has resumed to normal with them fighting over every little thing and some one being grounded from not doing something or being mean to there friends.. But they are better now being home.  I am finished with my sweater for the most part. Just putting some edging on it and then I will have photos for you I promise. 

It turned out really nice. It even fits better than I expected. My arms are a little longer than planned. but its warm is all i care about.  I love the scarlet and bluish/green color together.. 

Anyway enjoy the photo's and I will leave you with this for the weekend and hopefully good news on Monday with the job. I am hoping they are just putting the product I work on back on the machine.. And this isnt a long term lay off. I am optimistic and dont see everythign and want to see the best in everyone including my job but maybe Jeff is right.. I dont know.  unlikely they wouldnt want me there because I do work when I am there.  I may not do all the work but I do do the work I am asked to do. 

Anyway I am gone for now. Still have some laundry to do. Enjoy. N..


  1. The pix of the park were beautiful. They looked just like a postcard. As for the piddling, try doing Kegel exercises. That will help. I also can't wait to see the sweater.

  2. The park photogs are wonderful and remind me of places here in Oregon. Kids musta been tuckered out? Thanks for the visit to my blog and hope you and your's are enjoying the summer!

  3. Sorry but you peeing your pants made me laugh, not enough to pee in my pants though. :D

    Love the photos. Always nice to see kids sleeping. :D

  4. Great photos! I hope she is feeling right!

    Hope the job picks back up!