Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A stone wall..

Hi there. I feel like I have hit a stone wall again.. I havent had much to say or to write about.. I have the girls doing some preliminary school work made up by me or Jeff. I have them taking four random words and making  a story out of them.. and then I have them doing math problems that both us make up.. I have been the only one of recent but was hoping Jeff would help me later on..I have wrote a note in Facebook for those of you who dont blog all the time but like facebook to read instead of here..

I miss some of my friends who have completely left blogland for FB.. I have talked to them but they have completely left blogland..  I dont see the point in FB really. i have my account open for my Etsy shop. I have my FB page open for that and those that like my fb page.. its  if you want to like it you can.

We go to Milwaukee Saturday to pick up a friend of ours from the airport. Its cheaper to have her fly into Milwaukee than all the way into Green Bay.  Plus I get a car ride out of the deal.. She is going to stay with us till tuesday and then go back. She lives in Indianapolis. I know why is she only flying an hour but the drive is seven hours.. so its worth her to fly instead of drive.

I have considered closing up my etsy shop. I am not making the sales I was hoping to make.  I have lots of stuff on there and lots of people who like my shop but where are the sales from thos that like my shop so much.  Its a hard world. i wasnt expecting to make a million dollars with it but I wanted to break even and maybe even pay a bill or two with it. I know I will never be able to stay home with the girls again.  Not with the economy being the way it is.. I miss staying home and going to the park and such. but we just cant.. Oh well.. that is life.

I got bris earrings changed finally on Saturday. It has been almost two months and I finally just got her earrings she got her ears done with out on Saturday.. They really had the back on her earrings. Plus her ears kept bleeding and pussing up on me.. I was afraid i was going to have to take the earrings out and let her ears heal by themselves.. but she seems ok now that we have taken the offending earrings out..

I dont have any new photo's for you to see right now. Maybe on Saturday.. Life is just moving on with out it seems lately.. but I am good otherwise. I have a book I am reading about half way done with. Its called the Preachers Wife.. I am not good at book reviews.. I wont be doign a review on it. but I will tell you I like it.

My reading list so far this spring/summer has been Kim Harrison witches, weres,  pixies, vampires.
True crime books like Dancing with the Devil, and The  Preachers Wife.  Not sure whats next but those are what I have read so far.

Anyway I need to get going. I am being lazy from working. I may sit half the day at work but my butt seems glued to the chair.  I have a few things before bed at 9:30 tonight. I go to bed early now and get up early.. what a concept huh?? LOL. talk to you all soon.. N..


  1. Sounds like you're in the mundane phase of life. It's happening to all of us. Just keep muddling through, this bad economy can't last forever.

  2. Hey Tweets, do you like the morning hours better? Or do you miss the night shifts?

    I think you're doing the best you can, and that is all any of us can do.

    Hang in there,