Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hiya, and Hello Hello HELLO!!!!!LOL..

Hi there peeps.. I havent been posting agains lately.. I miss my daily posts or my everyother day posts.. But we have been busy here. As I said in my last post we have two new adults living with us until they find places of there own and such.. Jobs.. Well Ty did find his job I told you all abouts..

Now Brianca is here. We went and got her yesterday. We left green bay at 1:30 in the morning to get to the Uhaul, (penske) at 10:00 Am. We lost and hour going. it was our nine and there ten.. Its funny how that works.. But it was dark on the way and of course I was in a hurry to get on the road and I left my camera at home to take photo's of the most beautiful sunrise I have seen a while.. The sun was blood red and the sky behind it was a really pretty pink. but it didnt rain.. It was awsome. 

We got to Indianapolis and went to the Uhaul place and Brianca met us there..  We made sure her car fit the towing thing and then headed to her house to pack up the boxes and her bed she had waiting for us.. Then she had to say goodbye to a few people.. The boyfriend she was leavign to come up here was sad but he did ok until we left.  He called her twice while we were in the car.. He couldnt figure out what to do since she was gone..

Anyway I did good driving. I drove all the way back from Indianapolis with out killing anyone..LOL. OK OK that isnt really funny..I am a nervous driver on the highway usually and I was pretty good yesterday. Maybe it was because I made the right decision to let Jeff take Kora in the Uhaul and I took the two B's as I call them.. But Brianca and I talked about all sorts of things.. We had fun..

Then we stopped for supper in Sheboygan for supper at Perkins and when we left I wish I would have brought my camera again.. The most beautiful sunset I have seen a while too. It was just a beautiful day in all. I am still tireds from being up as long as I was yesterday but if I nap now I wont go backs to bed tonight at 9:30.. Yes I have to get my beauty rest or I dont function in my new job. Its not that its hard but repetitive..

Life will go back to normal as of tomorrow. Go back to work and come home for an hour and then go back and get Jeff from workies..

Did I tell you in my last post I fried my new cell phone?? We upgraded my cell phone and I really liked it. Well it was used but new to me and it was raining the other night and we had to go out for a part for the tub and we were in a hurry to get in the store and I dropped my phone. Well we shut it off and now when we turn it back on they keypad turns on but the screen doesnt.. it sucks.. I wondered if it was damaged before that point though.. They keys would click and sort of spark when I would text someone..

Well anyway Jeff has an idea for a phone for me and I want to go find out how much it will cost me to get one like he has for work.. He has a sprint cricket I believe they are called.. It would have came in handy yesterday for sure between the two cars. Well I suppose. I need to get going. Talk to you all soon. I will try and make rounds in a bits.. Not sure what we are doing today..


  1. Somewhere I read if you put the cell phone in a baggie of dried rice, the rice will absorb any moisture and your phone might work again. Take the phone all apart before you put it in with the rice. Good luck to B in finding a job. Good luck to all of you sharing a house.

  2. Hmm...if the phone sparks when you text it may no longer be working properly. Hope you get it worked out :)