Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alot going on...

Hi there. I am alive and living.. I have been missing in ACTION... Sorry my friends.. I have been busy trying to get the house ready for another visitor.. The same one that the photos are of below this post. Her boyfriend started in on her when she got home again. and she called us back up and asked if she paid for everything if she could move up here. So she is going to stay with us for a while.. He has been an ass to her for a long while and she is just fed up with it.. She told him a few months ago if things didnt change she was leaving him..

Well she called us and such.. So Saturday we are taking a day trip to Indianapolis to get her.. Jeff has to drive the  uhaul back here and I have to drive our car. Jeff is going to be pulling her car with the uhaul so she has a car to drive while she is here.. Then we have another friend staying with us that came in last week. He has found a job already..

I am so proud of him for doing so.  He got a job at one of our local Taco Bells and not just an employee. He got hired on as a Shift Manager...  He had experience the manager l iked  him and he got the job.. and I am hoping its as quick for the other friend coming in from Indianapolis.. Then we can have some help..

Oh talking about such things.. Jeff and I found this whole bedroom set we want.. oh its beautiful.. but its going to cost us some money.. We are hoping that if Ty and Brianca stay for a while they can help us and we can have the extra for the new bedroom set..Its got the bed, the tall dresser and the wider dresser with the mirror and two lamps I think.. I dont remember exactly.. but its a light brown wood set. Head and foot board. 

Its an awsome bed set.. i want it so bad.. Then we are planning giving Ty our old bed and old dresser where he has something to put his clothes in. And making him a bedroom down stairs in our basement.. And Brianca is taking briannas room for the time being..  So we have this under control and I have some rules that everyone is goign to follow when they get settled in.. 

Oh guess what peeps. Bri got to go on the Coaster finally. Ty took her up on it. She cried when it came to an end. I guess there is a small jolt at the end of the ride and it picks you off the seat slightly.. She didnt like that part. She said she wants to try it again with the seatbelt tighter though.. LOL..  My daring little sweetie.. We got me, ty, jeff and bri on the tilt a whirl though.. That was funny.. and then ty and jeff took the girls on the bumper cars..

jeff, ty,kora and brianna

kora riding horse at  bay beach

bri riding horse

ty, kora and bri in Lake Michiagan

koras first time in a water bumper car. she loved it.

kora just spinning around in the bumper car.

Well folks that is about it for now.. I will try and let you all know how my trip goes Saturday on Sunday if I have any ME TIME!!!! Talk soon ok.. Miss my friends but just busy.. if any of you who talk to me regularly here want my number just e-mail me ok..

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  1. Wow, you're going to have a house full. Make sure everyone sees the rules going into this and they agree to abide by them. You're right though, this could really help you with finances. Good luck!