Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things have changed since my TEMPER TAN TRUM

Hi all. things have changed here since i blew up at Jeff and Brianca.. They no longer snuggle up on the couch when her baby side shows up. she keeps her distance..  I have let them both know how I feel.. I am so proud of myself.. 

Ty has been really nice..  I like having them here but its hard living with two other adults in your home sometimes...  there is always a but isnt there in any case like this..  Anyway I dont have much time to write this post.. 

Jeff has been having really bad nightmares.. We went to bed at the same time last night and it took him until almost 11 to get to sleep.. He turned and tossed and it was horrible..  I have never seen him get like this.. He just couldnt get comfortable. He was sore and achy.. I finally got up and got him some kool aide with three aspirins.. 

So I am going to be dead on my feet today... Jeff got a ride to work this morning so I can type behind his back.. HEHE!!!!LOL

Ok I have to get moving to work. Talk to you all later..  Will try and make rounds in a bit..

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