Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dont Have much time

Hi there.. I dont have much time. I promised the girls I would spend sometime with them.. I havent spent much time with them since we got house mates..  I have been busy lately..  things going on here I cant blog about more less wont blog about.. 

Yes there is a packer game tonight..  LOL..  Jeff and I are going to get our membership back at the YMCA hopefully tonight. I miss playing raquetball.  I miss telling you peeps about how funny we looked..  Other things going on here..

I wont be having any more photos to share for a while either.. My camera took a dump on me finally and I would love  a new one but cant afford one. My phone takes photo's but they come out blurry..  Brianca fixed the resolution last night but they still come out blurry.

Jeff bought us a new bedroom set. We are making payments on it.. Its beautiful. I wish I could show you what it looks like.. But I have no camera..My middle finger is swollen and it cracks every so often. I think I jammed it somewhere.. But not sure..  but anyway I am off to spend sometime with my girls.. I will have more  to post on later hopefully.. N..


  1. Yeah on the new bedroom set. Hope your fingers feel better soon :(

  2. Doesn't life go that way? You get something new you like and something else breaks - you never have it all. Hope your finger is better soon.

  3. Can't wait to see the new furniture. Did you paint or decorate the room as well?

  4. Hi you,
    Dang, hope the finger gets better soon and awesome on the bedroom furn! We got a full natural pine set not too long ago. One with my own nightstand!! lol. Well, hope you get the cam situation resolved soon as we'd love to see you and the fam(and the bdroom set, hehe). Hope you've a nice 2nd half of the week!! Talks soon.