Saturday, July 30, 2011

Part Two of New Job

Hi there.. Part two of new job.. I am in the new position..I was hired to do this job but had to wait a week or two before going into it.. i am working for Modern Plastics but not for them.. This area we are working for is leased with Georgia Pacific.  GP pays Modern Plasitcs to test there paper and soap dispensers.. We find flaws in the dispensers and then send them back and they rework the work.. They want perfect products and that is what we are testing for. 

We have two people on a machine or dispensner.. One person sits and records problems that arise. And the other person operates the dispenser.. Like one person pulls on the paper for an hour or how ever long it takes to get one roll of paper toweling to go down to the core. We want to see if the paper comes off the roll or if it sticks to the roll. If it sticks we have to document why it didnt come off the core..More than likely with that one there is too much glue on the core.

Then we take and measure the paper too. We have three settings in a dispenser. We do all three settings. Not just the two of us. We take and move around the room all day long.. So i will work with someone on this dispenser and document while he/she tears and then we switch and then we move to another type of dispenser..

There are fork, spoons, and spork dispeners, towel, and soap dispensers from what i am understanding. There might be more but this is the main of our bulk. We can take the spoons and soap home with us with permission from the team leader.. I havent yet but i might sometime..

Its an easy job but sort of boring really.. but i am getting paid to do it and doign well. i havent been good with a ruler but learning each day I have been up there. We have to measure five paper towels and then get an average on how long they are.  Then we have to get a static reading on them also. but in real life someone isnt going to stand in a bathroom and pull on the dispenser for an hour to get all the paper off the core.. But you just never know though really.. LOL.. There have been weirder things happening.

OK OK anyway that is what the new job i was assigned to do is.. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.. We might go and see the Airshow in Oshkosh tomorrow. Not sure yet. Its suppose to be hot and humid and maybe have some storms.. So we arent sure what our weekend will entail with going out. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Job

Ok peeps I have been slacking on telling about the new job. Its going good. I get to do something different tomorrow I heard but not sure yet.. But what I am doing for the time being is testing some paper towel dispensers. They are taking like 30,000 of them apart and redoing them. Something mehcanical went wrong or something. I am not sure and I didnt ask as I am a new employee..

What I do is the last part before they put the dispenser back in the box. I test the dispenser with paper towels.. You should see the paper towels they waste. I think we can bring the paper home but not sure on that one. I put the battery pack in and the paper towel and then let it do its thing and then run the paper through like if you were loading it.. then i put all the goodies inside and ship it to the guy that is going to box it and put it back on the pallet..

Not a hard job but dont let anyone ever tell you that plastic is light because after about the hundredth dispenser my arms are feeling like they want to fall off. We do about 450 dispensers in a day. There are two of us testing them so dont let that number scare you. 

But I heard something about doing something different tomorrow. I will have to let you know if I got to do something else tomorrow.. i also promised you photo's the next time I blogged.. so here we go. let me get my camera and let one of the girls take some photo's of me..

Ok Ok here we go.

I used 8  3.5 skeins of yarn for my sweater and about half a 7 oz skein..   This little guy here with the bar of soap and three scrubbies used a 2 oz ball of cotton.  My arms on my sweater are a bit big but that is ok.I can wear a long sleeve shirt under it if i desire.  other wise its just more room to move around in.. Anyway that is about it for today. I have to go do a load of laundry and then I have to go get hubby. I hate haveing one car.. LOL..

Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Vacation..

It felt nice to look at someone elses four walls. We needed the vacation but the girls are right back at eachothers throats since i walked in the door at 3:30 PM.. Yikes.. but boy do I have something to tell you.. Kora was my baby this weekend. She stayed in the shallow end of the pool and Bri had those wings on her arms.. OK No big deal right but she was jumping off the deep end of the pool and swimming back to the shallow end. The big kids didnt want to play with Kora. They wanted to play with Bri.. LOL.. All Kora did was complain everytime someone suggested she jump with them at the deep end..  I almost pushed her in but didnt want to ruin her weekend with her blubbering worse than she already was..  So I have more photo's of Bri this time around than I do photos  of them together..

Oh yes Fridays clouds to start the weekend off. It was beautiful.. 

kora and bri playing chess Saturday before we could check into the motel.. Yes they were actually playing.

Lobby of the motel we stayed at.. I loved the waterfountains they have out there. Just wonderful.

bri at the deep end of the pool..

bri trying to back float.. but doing pretty good. i think we have a fish on our hands..

oh just love these photo's when I can get them.. when they are mid air like that..

bri jumping  backwards into the deep end of the pool fo rmommy to take photo. 

both girls after swimming and running around all day long.. 

jeff right before his last round..  he got a draw out of this game but should have lost I heard.. i am glad he pulled a draw out though..

the room where they play chess and no talking aloud after the games start. Or alot  of noise I should say..

kora bri and a new friend. I cant remember what her name is.. will ask girls when they come in and edit it.

They had a wonderful time and so did I. I just got to relax and sit in the whirl pool for a bit and do some adult talking and then just me time.. I brought me some yarn and make a bathmit and three facial scrubbies and started on a second bathmit but didnt finish it yet. I will post those in a few days.. The one bath mit is made with 100% cotton and i made it like a mitten with the thumb and everything.. LOL.  The color was called dalmation. Its black and white.. Pretty neat color contrast really..  I am looking at like 13 dollars for the set and 3.00 dollars for shipping.. 

Anyway this is one long post with photo's in the middle of this. if you are still reading I am suprised.. LOL.. Take care my friends..  Have a wonderful next few days..

Friday, July 22, 2011

My girls got a Suprise..

Hi there. My girls got a suprise in the mail today.   they got to use it for about half and hour and decided they were cold. So I told them to keep it up for tonight and it will be nice and warm to use tomorrow when I come home from work..

I sounded grouchier than i was on the vid..I was trying to get them to show me what they could do on it and they were just screwing around and wouldnt listen.. I was trying to be patient but it was hot outside and I hadnt been home long when we set it up and then I had to go get Jeff from work.. So I wasnt really that grouchy.. Just wanted them to slide a couple of times and get it over with. I dont blame them for not using it much yesterday when they set it up. it was cold.. But today its better. it has sat outside all day long and it nice and warm for them..

I will have some awsome photo's on Monday to share with you.. We are going to a local Chess tournament. Havent been to one of those in a few years now.. We have decided to stay at the motel where the tourny is going on. I know I said local but we couldnt pass up the thought of putting the girls to bed and going down tohe casino for a few hours to gamble to see what we can win win win.. LOL..

I got the girls some of those wings I believe they are called. they wanted new tubes but I couldnt find any. So they are stuck with the wings..Bri will be just fine but kora is the my chicken.  I know I know I shouldnt say things like that. Anyway I need to go make dindin.Iam hungry.. I will make rounds here shortly.. Oh Yes I promised you all a photo... Well I cant redo them right now so on Monday when I put up my new post and photo's if I have time I will put up my sweater..  I havent forgotten. Just havent gotten around to doing it yet.. Talk soon..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Those of you having troubles commenting

Those of you having troubles commenting on my blog or any one elses for that matter.. I have done some research just now and Blogger has a bug and they are trying to fix it. When  logging in dont hit the keep me logged in button. I was being bounced from my page to the log in page but if you keep from staying logged in it helps. i was able to comment on my own in blog. Something I havent been able to do in weeks now.  i was able to leave feed back with the others that were leaving me feed back.. what a concept huh?? LOL.. Anyway  thanks for being patient with me..

Things are still looking good. I bought two new rulers yesterday and Jeff was showing me how to use them better. I am not very good at using rulers but I want this second part of the job in two weeks so I am going to what I can to learn the ruler measurements.. I will do anything to get into it and be the best candidate for the position..

We havent done anything special lately. Been too hot and just havent felt like getting out.  Its suppose to be miserable here for the next few days.  Until Wednesday at least.. My allergies are killing me. I cant breathe. but I am doing good othewise.

We are going to get the girls school supplies here shortly.. They need notebooks, pencils and such this year an also we need to get out to Barnes and Noble to get there books. I think I might make Kora learn how to crochet this year for her arts class at home.. I want her to enjoy it but maybe half an hour each day. 

Well I suppose I wanted to let you all know about the blogger problem.. This goes for any one elses blog you have to deal with also.. Its just a bug that they are working on..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Good News Finally

Well my friends.. I have soon good news finally and hopefully it will last.. I got sick of VPS's shit and started looking for work again.. Well in the mean time a friend of ours worked for this company for almost a year and just quit a few weeks ago.. I texted him yesterday and asked if  hire directly or through a temp service. He said directly.. Well come and behold my luck came in yesterday.. Jeff came home from work really early and I called them to see if they were hiring and they were. So I rushed out there and got there and they didnt have any application in the spot you are suppose to fill them out in. So around the building I go.. I asked the receptionist for an application.. I went back around the building to fill out my application.  While filling out my application the lady sitting next to the room you fill them out peeked her head in and asked me i was interested in first shift..

I said  yes of course and she asked if I had a few minutes when done with my application.. Well of course I had time.. I would make time.. So we talked and got along.. I told the HR that I was working for VPS and through a temp service but my hours were to far spaced to do me any good to help with anything at home. She grinned and said I could have the job if I could start Monday.. I have been wanting to go back to days for a long time now. I have been thinking about this company for a while now and i think it was bout time i applied..

So I took my drug test yesterday. They do a mouth swab instead of a urin test.. That is ok with me because I didnt have to pee at the time anyway..LOL..  anyway I just couldnt help myself with telling my friends.. I am so excited.. Its an easy job to. All I am doing is putting parts in like soap dispensor at restaurants and hand towels dispensers.. if they say Georgia Pacific on them more than likely I put some kind of part in them for you!! and then in two week about she is looking at moving me over to the other building for more permanent work with testing the dispensers.. Like if more how much soap comes out or if to much does how much more than should. Where they can fix it and the towel dispensers.. 

So for the most part is easy. I will need to refresh my math but otherwise I think I can do the job. I was working on that at VPS anyway with my math.. I was working with a ruler checking on the bags to see if the bottoms were to short or to long and what nots. So i was in the process of mastering my ruler side.

OK peeps i have to go shower and start getting ready to get my rear end out of here at 1:00 to be there by 1:30.. I like being early and if i am early it shows that I really want the job. and I DO WANT IT!!!! I want to have permament work instead of this spurodic crap that VPS is giving me.. Toodles everyone.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Secrets In The Cellar by John Glatt

Hi peeps.. Let me start this post out with that my MIL has gotten me into reading true crime books and I was fascinated with this book here. I had a hard time puttig it down. I wanted to know what happened next. 

The front of the book says A life of lies, A house of Horrors.  Its a case that shocked the world.. 

An Austrian man was left with his own mother at a young age because his father left and as he grew into a young man he had ideas of having sex with his own mother.. Yes what and who would have those thoughts?? I dont know but this man did.. Anyway he grew up went to school for something.. i should have wrote this a few weesk ago when I finished the book..LOL..

Anyway Josef Fritzal found his perfect bride. They had seven children together. He was a man born in the time of the Natzi era and used that and military command over his children when they messed up.. Rosemarie didnt have a say in how they were reprimanded.. They had one daughter that he was just fascinated with out of all the other children.

He seemed to beat her more often than the others and friends of the family swore he didnt like her as well as the others. Well that was the exact opposite.. He started raping Elisabeth when she was 11 years old and continued on until she was 18. 

Well anyway Josef had done some petty crimes in the past while waiting for Elisabeth to grow up like raping a nurse at knife point.  and such other acts of showing himself to other women going into Brothels.  Deamanding the whores to do what he wanted and having sex in the dungeon with him..

In between Josef had put Elisabeth into a course for becoming a professional waitress..  Like a culinary class. But she told one of her friends what had been happening at home and they ran away together but they were found after a few months on the run. 

While Elisabeth was in school Josef worked on getting the cellar ready for his second family that he had dreamed of having. Well the only disturbing part of this is that it wasnt with a stranger. It was with his own daughter.. I dont know how a parent could do this..  Well one day after Josef brought Elisabeth home he asked her for some help to bring down this freezer into the Cellar.. She obliged and when they got down there he chained her up to a pole and raped her repeatedly..

He put this 660 lb door on the cellar entrance.  Rosemarie and Josef rented out rooms in there home and they were over the cellar.. He had some how sound proofed it where the tennants couldnt hear the yelling or screaming of Elisabeth. I have missed many parts of the story. I am not very good at reviewing the book.

I can tell you in person what the book is about but typing it out I am HORRIBLE..

It one of those cant put down books.. I thought so at least.. Josef Fritzal had another family downstairs in the Cellar with Elisabeth..He took three of seven children upstairs. He successfully had his wife believing that Elisabeth had joined a cult and couldnt care for her three children she had supposedly left on there door step.

The other three children were left in the Cellar with Elisabeth. One baby died 3 days after its birth. It was a twin to one of the boys.. In 1994 I believe there oldest daughter Kirsten got sick and started tearing her clothes off and stuffing them in the toilet to clog it up.  Well Elisabeth had begged her father to take Kirsten to the hospital and finally he did get her upstairs and to the hospital.. Almost to late..

I will leave you here and wondering what happened really. Its  a good short read really. Its not that long of a book. but I have no idea what has happened to Josef Fritzal because the book didnt say in the end.. I may have ruined the book for you.

I dont see how a father could do this to his own child unless he was really sick in the head and it seems that Josef Friztal is/was sick in the head.. I dont care what era you were born in.. I mean there were others living in the same era that more than likely had children and didnt abuse there children the way Josef Fritzal did his children..Esp wanting a second family with his daughter.. That is down right Gross to be  honest with you.

On to my second true crime book I am reading A Dance with the Devil.. I am not far enough in to give a review of this book.. bit its another that I am  having a hard time putting down.. Wanting to know more and more of what happens/ed. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Piddles and Puddles..

You know we all look forward to sometime in lives where we have to be careful when we sneeze or cough to hard.. Well think again.. I am only 34 years old and I have been having this problem for about a few months now..  Everytime I sneeze really bad or have allergies and sneeze I piddle my pants.. Thankfull its not enough to make me embarrassed at work but enough to make me know its uncomfortable and wish I would have brought another pair of undewear with me..

I know you are wondering why is she writing this. Is she that bored with life?? No not really. I am bored off my ass but again I am not bored. I have lots of stuff to do and usually cant find the time to do it. but being off work has given me the time to find time again. I worked one day this last week.  We are behind again and cant get caught up until I go back to work. I have considered going to another Temp agency but that means another W-2 at the end of the year.. I was informed this year that the less W-2's you have the better but sometimes I wonder about that..

I do have a few more photo's to share with you guys from Saturday on our way home from this county park we stopped at. We had passed it many times before and finally I broke down and asked Jeff if we could stop.. Its beautiful. It has a small play area, trails I believe, water. Not for swimming I dont think..  Its called Cherokee County Park. I dont feel like looking the link up right now but if you want to look up the park go ahead..  but that is the name of it.  Its a small park from what I saw of it. We werent there long. We wanted to get back on the road and get moving again. 

in here there was  a brick fire place thing for cooking.  just neat..  one of those places like  a pavillion you can have a party in.

kora and bri after we picked them up.. kora wasnt feeling well and complained about being cold..

part of the river outside of the park going over the bridge.

leaving the park back on the main road going back to high way 29.

up around the curve a bit more and getting this shot. sorry if some of them are blurry.

kora finally falling asleep for a bit in the car.  She was so miserable. I felt sorry for her but didnt know what to do besides tell her to sleep it off.

bri the first nigt they were home.. tuckered out from being at grandmas house and finally sleeping alone in her own bed after a week bunking with Kora. those are the quilts my dad made them back in January.

Life has resumed to normal with them fighting over every little thing and some one being grounded from not doing something or being mean to there friends.. But they are better now being home.  I am finished with my sweater for the most part. Just putting some edging on it and then I will have photos for you I promise. 

It turned out really nice. It even fits better than I expected. My arms are a little longer than planned. but its warm is all i care about.  I love the scarlet and bluish/green color together.. 

Anyway enjoy the photo's and I will leave you with this for the weekend and hopefully good news on Monday with the job. I am hoping they are just putting the product I work on back on the machine.. And this isnt a long term lay off. I am optimistic and dont see everythign and want to see the best in everyone including my job but maybe Jeff is right.. I dont know.  unlikely they wouldnt want me there because I do work when I am there.  I may not do all the work but I do do the work I am asked to do. 

Anyway I am gone for now. Still have some laundry to do. Enjoy. N..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I want to CRY!!!!

I want to sit down and cry right now..  My job is shaky again and I wish there was more work out there. I will not work fast food again. I am sorry but that is not my forte.. I think  We are behind again on everything and I just want to cry..  I am sick of being behind in things and life.  I want something better for my girls. I would love to hand the keys back to the mortgage company right now and give into his 401K and go get a cheesy 3 bedroom trailer and live in a trailer park for the time being..   I feel  I have failed my family. I am sick of working 3rd shift and being alone when he goes to bed when I have slept all day long.. Sure I like my time alone but I also miss my family. I feel I am not getting enough of my family..

I do have some positive things to post about though. Sunday after the girls came home we took them to  a Pow Wow. It was there first.. It was cool..  Lots of different colored outfits.  It was awesome..

I have photos from Saturday on our way home but I already added these so I will make those another post sometime..  We found a beautiful county park.. I also have some music I video taped on Sunday for this post though. they are only a few minutes each though. but boy is it interesting.. I have told you all bout Jeffs sores on his arms and legs?? Well anyway we say this aromatherapy lady and she started to suggest something and then she said wait a second and consulted her pendalem..The pendalem stopped above the pure shea butter cream she has..  Besides sun and/or sunbooths this stuff has done more for his sores than any store bought creams I have seen.  A little more expensive since its hand made but if it works I will try anything to make him more comfortable..

Beautiful Day to be out and about at the Oneida Pow Wow

Pow Wow just starting up..

Getting into position to dance and show beautiful outfits off.

one of the two bands they had playing music.  Not sure which one this is..

the other band I believe.. Jeff took this photo so I am not sure.  he got two close ups of the bands.

love those feathers and his head piece..

wild life santuary and this is the closest I have ever been to the otter. he was on his tummy and I reached out to look like I was tickling him and he just sat there for a moment looking at me.. It was so cute..

frog looked like he was  posing for me I couldnt resist his photo here..  also taken at the wild life sanctuary

this little guy is never active. he was running around when we got there and then he climbed into his wheel and fell asleep. Isnt he adorable..

this is my other plant I have out front.. Its called Praying  hands.. when it gets bigger it looks like hands reaching to the skies

this is the last one I have out front.. Its a bluish green color if you really look at it. I cant remember what it was called exactly.

I have another vid but my camera wont let me load it right now.. We had some big storms and I was took some vid of the lightening and it wont le me load it.. POUTING..  Oh well it happens.. Well hopefully tomorrow or Thursday I will have the dang thing up and running. It might be because my camera needs charging again too..   Anyway hope you all had a great 4th of July. I had to work it last night.. It sucked but that is how it went down for me. they wouldnt give us last night off but gave us Sunday off insead.. they didnt seem to care that some of us wanted to spend the whole day including the fire works with our families. Anyway Jeff took the girls down town for the fireworks and dropped me off at work. And he had to pick me up at 6AM!!! LOL. Gotta love my hubby.

Anyway I am off to do something around the house..
this vid takes a few minutes to get going. its kind of cool if you like storms.. we had a good one tonight and this is some of the lightening i saw over head. and the thunder was just awesome to hear also..