Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where has everyone WENT!!!

Where has everyone went.  It seems like a  year ago I had many friends and lots of comments but now today and this  year I have only a few friends left that comment regularly. I have thought about quitting myself but then I keep thinking who would I share our adventures with?? Has Facebook taken most of those on my friends list away and not care if they have left some of us in  the dark.. It would be so great to see a new post from those that dont blog anymore..

You know it hurts me to see those numbers rise when it says 1 year ago that some of those favorite peeps havent blogged.. or do they read and not leave comments??  Well anyway life is good here. Not going to dwell on those that arent reading and continue to make my posts as good as I can.  I miss my friends but I understand that you all have decided that either blogging is not for you after all this time or you have become one of those facebook junkies.. 

Jeff bought me a flash drive for my photo's and we figured a 4 GB would work. Well guess what we got home and I had way to many photo's.. So I need another one.. this time around I think I will get a slightly bigger one to have more room for more photo's when the time arises.. 

We bought a new printer also but you know what they cheated us.. It only cost us 30 dollars for the dang thing but it was suppose to come with a USB cord and didnt.. I tore the box apart looking for it..  oh well. we will just buy a USB cord for it.. 

The girls are going to grandmas house this coming weekend for a week. its going to be hard being away from them but they  need the break as much as we do. But they have been little shits the last couple of weeks now since we decided that they were going.. they have taken off on me and I have had to take the car out looking for them.  Then last night they went across the street thos one park.  The only thing that pissed me off about last night was if they would have asked maybe I would have said yes. So they are grounded to the house for this week until they go to grandma's house.. 

I am so sick and tired of  having to deal with them misbehaving..  I didnt even spank them like I wanted to. I just yelled and put them on separate corners of the couch to think.  Kids will be kids. I remember taking off on my mom a few times and they will test us to see how far they can push us.

I officially have 20 rows left of my afghan as of last night.. Yayyy mee. I will post pix when its done since I posted half way photo's for you.  I cant wait till its done.  Here are some photo's of Bris cake and Bri..I know this a mixed up post today..

Not doing anythign special today. We are going grocery shopping.. then I need to do laundry when we come home and start getting the girls ready for grandmas  house.. Just there clothes and such that they will need. it seems they have loads of clothes so it doesnt matter if i take a weeks worth out of there clothes or not..LOL..

There here were taken about a week ago tomorrow.. Those clouds were no were near us.. but the did produce some pretty awsome lightening and just some very scary clouds after it started getting dark outside. The next few photo's were taken at different times to show how fast they were growing and the different colors our neighborhood was looking.. It was awsome to see but I wouldnt have wanted to be twenty miles away at that point where that storm hit. We were suppose to get really nasty weather last sunday and it missed us thankfully. 

This is Lilly.. this is my Mother in laws Cat.. She isnt friendly with people but she does come out of hiding once in a while and lets me talk to her but she wont let me near her.  She lets me take photo's of her and then she hides again.. She was a barn cat when my MIL brought her home and you know it.. She was just a baby but still she knows that she doesnt like people much.  When the girls are at her house she sleeps with them but only when they are sleeping. Other wise she hides most of the time.

This is baby blue and pepper. My Mother in Laws birdies.  Arent they cute.. They are like 3 or 4 years old now.. I think..

Here are some sky shots on our way home last weekend from my MILS house.. I think the sky looks funny to me but jeff says it looks blue.. LOL..

Some sky line in the feild. I love how green it looks there..  It looks so beautiful out there..

I ended up with my sketch of  my afghan in this photo from taking phot's through the front windshield.. LOL! you cant see the sketch but you can see the graph paper there. the square look in the photo..

Ok peeps I am off to get caught up on some laundry and to get the girls started packing.  I am hungry also so I am off. Have a wonderful weekend and I will try to post another post this week and let you all know how the groundig is going with the girls..


  1. First off - Tweets, that purple colour totally hurts the eyes to Yikes.

    Secondly, people are like that, they sometimes read but not always comment, you know how it is. But blogging is something you do for yourself not for others, so just keep that in mind and hopefully it won't hurt your feelings if there are not as many comments as before.

    Also, remember it's summer, so a lot of people travel or go on vacation so things get busy.

    Sounds like things are going well for you, the cake for B looked yummy :)

  2. Hi Tweets, I've noticed too how much slower people are to post, fewer comments. I do know a number of former bloggers who were sucked in by Facebook. I have an account but I rarely go on there. I don't want everybody to know my business, not even all my friends. :-) I like the blog because it is not attached to my name and I can share it with a select few people and I can remain anonymous to the greater world out there.

  3. Hi Nicole,

    Embracing the Rain emailed me and said you can't get into the blog??

    What's going on? I invited you - you should be able to follow the link and then sign in.... let me know what's up.

    Hope to hear from you soon.