Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look Whose SEVEN and All grown UP

Look whose SEVEN and seems all GROWN UP.. To fast for my likings.. but i knew it was going to happen.. I cried on Sunday.. I am not ashamed to admit I stood in the middle of Wally world and blubbered like a baby..  Bri has been asking to have her ears peirced for a while now and I finally abliged to it.. she has been really good about giving me her ear cleaner stuff and helping twist them where they dont get stuck in her ears..  I was going to get her, her June b-day but they were out so we got her July. After  the fact I should have gotten May's since she is actually closer to May than July.. LOL.. While we were waiting for the lady that does the ears we were looking at earring and you should have seen her..  I was in my glory looking at earrings with my baby girl.. She didnt cry but I sure did.. LOL..  They did them both at the same time so she wouldnt freak out and not let them get the other ear.. And then from my mom and dad she got two outfits she can interchange.. she can use the shorts with the other shirt and the shirt with the other pair of shorts. So sort of like four outfits when you think about .
I dont know who she is Saluting but she is way to grown up I think sometimes.. 

this one is suppose to show her new ears off but not sure if you can see her earrings well enough in it..hope so. she is so precious..  my sweet brave baby girl..

mommy forgot to take tag off her new shirt before taking the photo..LOL.. but she can interchange these two outfits. That is what I like..

You should have seen her when Kora came home fromt he Hike with daddy.. She looked Kora straight in the face and told kora she would never be able to do it because Kora is a wuss.. LOL. What comes out of kids mouths. I wanted to do this when the girls were babies but I wasnt spending 50 dollars to do it. but glad I waited.. Now at least if they want them done they can have them done. If not oh well..  It was Bris choice.

Anyway I do have photo's of bris cake but not uploaded on the puter  yet. I thought I did that already but didnt.. So that will have to be another post..I didnt get a premade cake this year. We couldnt afford it.. but I did make it a little more special this year. I put some of those cake candies on it for her..

it is hot here today and yesterday. Its almost a hundred degrees and we are suppose to have bad storms tonight. Yuckie.. jeff is taking me to work to bring the car  home to put in the garage where it doesnt get damaged by hail or what not if something happens..OK peeps I need to go make lunches and go shower wehre I can go to work tonight.. They are starting to get backed up with some of the work but not alot right now. So I will see what happens.. Life moves on even with those of us  not working real hard.. Talk to you all soon.. Miss you all..


  1. Happy Birthday Bri!

    Ear piercing is a big thing! My girl was still a baby when she declared she wanted her ears pierced - well - 2 at least. I told her it would hurt but she didn't care. The first was a bit of a shock but she was ready for the second anyway. What women will do for beauty!

  2. M's sister near Madison watched a tornado form tonight. Hope you didn't get one. I love the earrings, yes, you can see them. I also like the black shorts paired with the blue shirt. Nice. Happy Birthday!

  3. Wow she looks very pretty. I am always so impressed with brave little girls who get their ears pierced at that age. I don't think my daughter would have done it at 7.

    I had hers done when she was a newborn, so she wouldn't pick at them, or remember the pain. While I'm glad she got them at that age, I'm still so shocked at how many girls in her class CHOOSE to go through the pain of getting earrings and I am always impressed.

    Happy birthday Bri!

    How wonderful to get your ears pierced, for your Birthday...HOORAY for you!