Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Zibbet Account

Hewwo again.. I have a new zibbet account set up and its running. I only have a few small items posted. i wont be putting anything big on my new account. It doesnt seem to sell well.  I am trying headbands and hats for starters and if things start to go well I might make it where I put a few bigger items. but for now we will stick to headbands, hats and removable flowers and wrist bands.  But the link is this . I can make just about any color hat, or head bands with matching flowers and pompoms.  I use my hot glue gun to attach the alligator clip and pompoms to the flowers.  Anyway if you want something either send me  a message for those that are facebook or just message me off of zibbet. Not sure if you have to sign up to look but let me know if you do. I have looked at stuff and wasnt asked to sign up.  Might have to sign up to buy but you wont have to use that for anything.Can make sales with out having to go through zibbet either. Let me know what you like.  

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